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At Haringey Learns we undertake a range of activities to find out what you think. Your feedback is valued and helps us plan for the future. Haringey Lerans gathers information on its performance and gets ideas on how we can improve in the following ways:

Compliments, Comments and Suggestions

Forms and suggestion boxes are available at our main sites for you to tell us what you think about Haringey Learns and/or offer us your suggestions. You can use this form anonymously but if you add your details we will respond within 10 days.

Course Evaluation

If you are taking part in a learning programme you will be asked to fill in evaluation forms. The information on these forms helps us to improve the content and delivery of our courses. If you are having a problem with your course please talk to a member of staff.

Guidance Surveys

If you are using any of Haringey Learns guidance and job search services you may be asked to complete a survey form. These surveys ensure that we are performing to required standards and gives us information to help us improve.

Postal and Telephone Surveys

If you have attended a course or used any of Haringey Learns services we may write or telephone you. These surveys are used to find out what you have gone on to do since your contact with Haringey Learns. These surveys show our funding agencies how people have benefited from Haringey Learns and help us maintain our free provision.

Mystery Shopper Reports

Haringey Learns receives visits and phone calls from ‘mystery shoppers’. This activity is organised by some of our funding agencies and is designed to test our performance and the suitability of our premises.

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We recently carried out a second annual survey of all our learners. This gave us practical information about what you thought was good at and what we need to do to improve.

How to make a complaint

If you are not satisfied with the training or service you have received you can:

  • Explain your concern to a staff member or ask to speak to a manager.
  • If you would like to put your complaint in writing, please ask for a Comments Form. Give the completed form in at reception or put it in a suggestion box. We will respond to any complaint within 10 working days.
  • See our complaints and concerns page.

If your complaint has not been resolved and you wish to take the matter further, we have a formal procedure for making a complaint. You can get a copy of ‘What do I do? - I want to complain, make a suggestion or compliment a council service‘ from any of our main sites or any Haringey Council building - Tel: 020 8489 2500.

Future plans

In the future Haringey Learns will:

  • Undertake further consultation activities with community and user groups
  • Publish a selection of our survey and evaluation results with details of improvements.

Further information

Wood Green Learning Centre
2nd Floor, Central Library
High Road
Wood Green
N22 6XD

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August 4, 2023

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