Family Learning

What is family learning?

It is free learning specifically for parents and carers taking place in schools and children’s centres. Some crèche places may be available for parents with pre-school children.

As mums, dads, granddads, grandmas, aunties, uncles and carers, you are your child’s most important teachers. School teachers have told us that children whose parents support them at home with their homework do particularly well at school. Do you feel confident in taking on this most important role? You may have left school with no qualifications, have forgotten skills learnt at school or would simply like to refresh your knowledge.

Perhaps you have realised that schools now teach children in very different ways from when you were at school. Family Learning will introduce you to the school curriculum so that you can support your child without confusing him or her with different methods you may know.

Maybe you hated maths at school? But did you also know that maths is everywhere, when you get up and get the children ready for school, tell the time, go shopping, cook a meal or plan a trip? Everyday you and your children are using maths without realising it! Maths for children is all about playing ‘odd or even’ games, spotting number patterns, naming shapes in the park, ‘counting on’, ‘halving’, ‘doubling’ and ‘sharing’.

How about spelling, grammar and reading aloud? Are you worried if your child asks you about verbs, adjectives or how to spell a word? English is all about making beautiful pictures out of letters, creating stories, dressing up and acting out different roles with home-made puppets. The stories come to life in front of your child’s very eyes! There are plenty of everyday activities and games we can show you to make it ‘fun’ for you and your children to learn.

Computers, computers! Are you afraid of them? We’ll show you mouse and keyboard skills and everything else you need to become independent learners. We will guide you to safe internet sites that will help you and your child learn in your own time, at home or on the free computers available in your library.

If English is not your first language, don’t worry; we can help you develop your skills on Family Language courses which will help you support your child. If you don’t have a qualification in English or maths, you may get one with us at the same time as helping your child! We’ll even help you decide what to do next or what career or job you might want to have in the future.

Find out about a free class near you by calling HALS Family Learning on 020 8489 4772. We may even be able to run a course at your child’s school. Ask the school to contact us at:

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Courses and venues

We seek to add to our range of courses every term.

If you have suggestions for courses that you would like to see in your school or community centre, contact Family Learning.

Schools and community centres may also contact us if they are interested in offering a course.

We hope to run courses in the following venues:

  • Alexandra Primary School
  • Belmont Junior School
  • Broadwater Farm Community Centre
  • Chestnuts Primary School
  • Coleraine Park Primary School
  • Crowland Primary School
  • Earlsmead Primary School
  • Gladesmore Community School
  • Lancasterian Primary School
  • Noel Park Primary School
  • Risley Avenue Primary School
  • South Harringay Infant and Junior School

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Free family learning courses

Brilliant stories

A unique chance for parents and carers to learn to use tablet computers and an ‘app’ to make up stories with photos, pictures, sounds and words to use with their children. Learn story telling skills and how you can help your children develop.

The 20 hour courses take place at these venues:

  • Broadwater Farm Children’s Centre: 020 8885 8800
  • Northumberland Park Community School: 020 8275 4848
  • Risley Avenue Primary School: 020 8808 0792
  • South Grove Children’s Centre: 020 8802 7520
  • Woodlands Park Children’s Centre: 020 8802 0041

Courses are free (funded by CLIF), but dates are restricted and subject to availability. Full attendance on 10 sessions required. Some crèche places may be available for children aged 1-5 years.

You can now enrol for free family learning courses, starting this spring at:

  • Children’s Centres: Woodside, Woodlands Park, The Ladder, South Grove, Broadwater Farm and Bounds Green Children’s Centres
  • Primary Schools: West Green, St Mary’s CE, Lancasterian, Risley Avenue, Ferry Lane, Earlham, Alexandra and Crowland Primary Schools
  • Other venues: Northumberland Park Community School, Wolves Lane Horticultural Centre, North Bank (Muswell Hill), Wood Green Library

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Further information

Also see the HALS programme page for enrolment and course details.

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Page last updated:

November 7, 2022

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