Disabled Facilities Grants

What is a Disabled Facilities Grant?

A Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) is a local council grant to provide financial help for the cost of essential adaptation work to make a house suitable for a disabled person to live in.

The required adaptations need to be necessary and appropriate (as determined by Occupational Therapy staff) to meet the needs of a disabled person. The adaptation must also be reasonable and practicable (as determined by the Surveying staff) for the relevant works to be carried out.

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Who can apply?

If you receiving income based benefits, you may qualify for a grant. You can also apply for a DFG if you are either the owner or tenant of the property and intend to occupy the property as your only or main residence throughout the grant period - currently five years.

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How to apply

The Disabled Facilities Grant is for adaptations recommended by the council's Occupational Therapy staff following an assessment. Visit the Assessing your social care needs page will to request an assessment, which can include an Occupational Therapy Assessment.

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How is the grant paid?

A DFG is means tested, which means that some people may have to pay a contribution towards their grant. The Financial Assessment Officer from the council will contact you for a financial assessment. If you are receiving income-based benefits you will qualify for the grant. The Financial Assessment Officer will also inform you of any contribution that needs to be made. There is no means testing for families of disabled children under the age of 19.

The Surveying Team will get estimates, conduct surveys and arrange for the contractor to carry-out the adaptations. Once the work has been completed to the satisfaction of the householder and Occupational Therapist the final payment will then be made by the council directly to the contractor.

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Page last updated:

September 20, 2022