Temporary Moves (Decant) Policy and Decants Payments Schedule

As a landlord, Haringey Council has a duty to undertake repairs to its tenants’ homes and its resident buildings.  The vast majority of these repairs can be undertaken and completed with the tenant or leaseholder remaining in their home. However, there will be occasions where works cannot be carried out with the residents present either because of the extent of work required or because of health and safety issues. 

Haringey Council recognises that moving on a temporary basis involves substantial upheaval and inconvenience and may cause distress.  A move into alternative accommodation will therefore only be considered where a tenant or leaseholder cannot remain in occupation while works are undertaken. 

This policy sets out the offer and support Haringey Council will offer to secure tenants who are required to temporarily move out of their home in order to undertake planned essential repairs or improvements. 

The policy also provides guidance on the Council’s approach where a resident leaseholder needs to vacate their home due to works. In nearly all case, the costs of alternative accommodation will be covered by a building insurance claim. In these cases, the Leasehold team will advise the leaseholder on how to make claim. However, on rare occasions there may be instances where the building insurance does not cover alternative accommodation. In these circumstances, the responsibility will be determined by the terms of the lease and the Council will advise the leaseholder whether they or the Council are responsible for these costs.

This policy came into force on 14 March 2023.

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April 26, 2023