Estate Renewal Rehousing and Payments Policy

On 17 October 2017, Haringey Council’s Cabinet approved a new Estate Renewal Rehousing and Payments Policy 2017 (PDF, 237KB), following a 10-week consultation. This policy came into force on 27 October 2017 and applies to moves made on or after this date. The policy replaces the previous policy approved on 12 July 2016.

The Policy sets out the rehousing and payments framework for all residents who are required to move because their homes are being demolished as part of an estate renewal scheme led by Haringey Council. It also applies to Housing Association schemes where Haringey Council determines that it has a strategic interest in the scheme.

The policy will be applied following a formal council decision to implement an estate renewal project following resident consultation, and will apply to all schemes where 20 or more homes are being redeveloped.

The policy covers important issues including:

  • the payments made to existing residents, and
  • a guarantee that secure and assured tenants, and resident leaseholders and freeholders will have a right to a new home in the renewal area either through a direct move or, if they are required to move away temporarily, a right to return when new properties are available

In addition to the new policy, the document below answers some frequently asked questions about this policy. However, if you require any further information regarding the policy, please email

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