Tangmere and Northolt Consultations on the Broadwater Farm estate

Tangmere and Northolt residents consultations

  • This consultation has closed - thank you to everyone who took part.

The Tangmere and Northolt consultations closed on Wednesday 10 October 2018 and outcomes were presented to Cabinet on 13 November 2018 in Appendix 4.

The Cabinets of November 2018 considered the Broadwater Farm Rehousing and Payments Policy and approved the policy subject to some amendments. Further amendments were requested by the following Cabinet in December 2018. These amendments and the policy were finalised and approved on 21 January 2019. For further details please visit the Broadwater Farm Rehousing and Payments Policy page.

Residents of Tangmere and Northolt were consulted on proposals for the future of the blocks. This consultation was solely for secure tenants and resident leaseholders who were living in these blocks, or those who had moved from the blocks since 26 June 2018.

In June 2018, Homes for Haringey started speaking to residents in Tangmere about the need to find them new homes while the future of the block is considered. As a result of this we were also consulting on a Rehousing and Payments Policy and a Local Lettings plan for the residents of the Tangmere and Northolt blocks.

Consultation 1 - The proposals to determine the Future of Tangmere and Northolt Blocks

The council's preferred option: New Council Homes

The council's preferred option was to demolish Tangmere and Northolt and rebuild new, high quality council homes on the Broadwater Farm estate.

Another option: Strengthening and refurbishment to the block, which would bring it up to the required safety standards

This option would still require residents to leave their flats for a period of six to twelve months, while the work would be undertaken, unless they had already been rehoused.

Consultation 2 - The Rehousing and Payments Policy

This policy sets out the rehousing arrangements and payments offered to secure tenants and resident leaseholders who were living in Tangmere or Northolt, or those who had been moved from one of these blocks since 26 June 2018.

Consultation 3 - The Local Lettings Plan

The Rehousing and Payments Policy offers tenants a Right to Return to the Broadwater Farm Estate. In order to offer any vacant homes to returning tenants, a Local Lettings Plan would be needed.

Background information

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