Home Insulation


If your property is not properly insulated you could be losing up to one third of the heat through the walls, roof and floors. This means that out of every three pounds that you are spending on insulation, one pound is being lost. Properly insulating your property will mean that less energy is lost, therefore less energy is needed to maintain the same temperature levels within the property.

Insulating your property should therefore result in a reduction in your annual gas and electricity bills.

As a result of the Energy Company Obligation almost all the utility companies run discount schemes to encourage their customers to install loft and cavity wall insulation. Therefore it is probably best to contact your energy supplier in the first instance.

Alternatively you can visit the Grants and Loans (external link) section of the Energy Saving Trust website, which provides details of all grant schemes currently operating in your area.


Sample Images

The following picture shows the heat being lost from a typical end of terrace house:

Heat loss from a typical end of terrace house

The following picture shows the amount of heat a property was losing before and after  Insulation:

Before insulation        After insulation


Types of Insulation

The main types of insulation are:

For more information on the different types of insulation please click on the links provided above.


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March 20, 2023