Home Heat Loss

  • In a typical British home, around one-third of the heat produced by a central heating system is rapidly lost through the roof, ceiling and walls.
  • This means that for a poorly insulated property up to £1 out of every £3 spent on heating is being wasted.

For advice and information on how best to insulate your property and reduce heat losses please visit the Energy Saving Trust website (external link).

Heat loss will typically occur:

  • through the roof
  • through the walls
  • through doors/windows and floors

How much heat is YOUR home losing?

View of the Thermal Mapping website

Haringey Council purchased the data covering the London Borough of Haringey from a survey carried out by Horton Levi during the winter of 2000 and also carried out a follow up survey in March 2007.

Funding provided by the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund for a project to reduce the levels of fuel poverty in the borough enabled the purchase and subsequent processing of both sets of data. Further information is available on the project by clicking on the links on the left.

Please read the page on thermal imaging for more information

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March 15, 2021