Major works safety for council tenants

Whether works are taking place inside your home or outside it on your building or estate, you need to be safety minded.


Children are attracted to construction sites, with all the equipment, scaffolding, materials and skips. Keep your children away from work areas inside and outside your home. Never let children climb scaffolding or play under it.

If they can access scaffolding from inside your home, keep doors and windows that would allow this access locked. Make sure that they do not access scaffolding from outside either.

Don’t let children play with builders' tools, or climb on builders’ vehicles or play with new materials, rubbish or skips.

When builders are working in your home, don't leave children under 16 unsupervised. Remind children how important it is to stick to these rules.

Adults need to be careful as well. Make sure that your family and any guests do not access the scaffolding and warn away from other hazards as well.


Pets too can be at risk. Keep your pets away from builders' tools and equipment and keep them secure while the work is being carried out.


If you find the building work on your estate is affecting your health please let the Resident Liaison Officer know.


Only allow builders with the right identity cards into your home. Always ask for identification. If in doubt, don't let them in. You can always telephone the Resident Liaison Officer to check.

Don't lend anyone your door keys. Keep doors and windows closed and locked whenever possible, particularly at night if scaffolding is outside.

Page last updated:

May 30, 2022