Housing Reviews

    Right to review

    You have a right to a review of some decisions made by the council in relation to your application, including Band placement decisions.

    If we have written to you and advised that you have been deferred or excluded from the Housing Register, you have a statutory right to request a review. Read more about our location scheme.

    Those suspended from the Housing Register for unreasonable refusal of an offer of accommodation can also ask for a review.

    You should make a review request within 21 days of the date of our letter. You must set out the reasons why you think our decision was wrong and provide any relevant evidence to support your view.

    Your request should be:

    Allocation scheme

    Under Section 167 of the Housing Act 1996, the council is required to have and publish an allocation scheme that explains:

    • how we let homes to people
    • how we will offer choice to applicants
    • how information will be provided and
    • applicant's right to a review

    The council is also required to ensure that the scheme gives reasonable preference to applicants who are:

    • assessed and accepted as homeless under Part VII of the Housing Act 1996
    • families with dependant children, or expecting a child
    • occupying insanitary or overcrowded conditions
    • needing to move on medical or welfare grounds with a need for settled accommodation
    • needing to move to a particular locality in the district of the housing authority, where failure to meet that need would cause hardship to themselves or others


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    June 17, 2022