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Delivering a new generation of council homes for local people

Council homes to tackle housing need

Housing is one of our top priorities. Templeton

We want Haringey to be a place that offers opportunity for all. To make that happen, the first job is to ensure that every person and family has a home which is safe and comfortable, genuinely affordable, and theirs for as long as they want it.

Too many people and families - whether they grew up in Haringey, arrived recently, or would like to come - are forced to compromise on those basic requirements, or to look elsewhere.

For many of those in greatest need, a council home offers the only real chance of putting down roots in Haringey. That’s why we’re delivering a new generation of council homes in the borough. Our ambition is to deliver 1,000 new council homes by 2022.

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How we will deliver new homes

Our preference is to build as many of these new council homes as possible ourselves. This can include ‘infill’ on existing estates, adding to existing blocks or using land which until recently was used for other purposes.

But, after a generation or more of not building homes ourselves, it will take time to grow our team and our ability to do this. So we are also working with others to achieve our ambitions. That means, alongside council-built homes on council-owned land, we are acquiring homes built by others - either on our land, or on land owned by others.

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Paying for the new homes

Artists impression of Templeton Road new homes

The Government’s decision to scrap the cap on councils’ borrowing in their Housing Revenue Accounts (HRA) has made a big difference to our ability to deliver our ambitions. But no amount of borrowing changes the fact that - because of the rent levels - every new council house needs hundreds of thousands of pounds in subsidy to stack up financially. That’s why funding for new council housing from the Mayor of London is just as important in transforming how we deliver homes in Haringey. Our successful bid for funding from the Mayor of London means that we will be receiving a £62.8m grant to deliver the council homes the borough needs.

But even with the funding from the Mayor, we don’t have all the subsidy we need. That means we will build some homes of different kinds including for sale on the private market. But our commitment is that we will only do this to cross-subsidise the delivery of the greatest possible number of council rented homes.

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Community wealth building

Our Borough Plan also makes a commitment to build and retain wealth in our community. Among other things, this means every public pound spent must provide maximum public benefit. We always aim to buy goods and services locally, to make sure that all of Haringey, businesses and residents, benefit from this new era of council house delivery.

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Where are we building

Templeton site

A wave of council housebuilding is starting across the borough:

  • Templeton, south Tottenham - 11 council homes at council rents
  • Red House site, West Green Road - 46 council homes at council rents
  • Welbourne site, Tottenham Hale - 131 council homes at council rents
  • 500 White Hart Lane, north Tottenham - 23 council homes at council rents and six shared ownership properties
  • Plevna Crescent, south Tottenham - 16 council homes at council rents

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5 December 2019

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