Events for younger people

Below is a list of all current events suitable for younger people in Haringey.

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From Asphalt to Maplewood Floor

Friday 28 September, 7.30pm.

Legend of British dance, Namron, returns to the stage with this autobiographical work.

Dance legend Namron - a trailblazing British dancer and one of the founding members of The Place - returns to the stage to tell the story of his own life. From his youth in Jamaica to joining his Windrush-generation parents in England, this hour-long performance stars Namron himself: his own story, his own gestures and movements, his own words and memories.


Saturday 1 September, from 7.30pm.

Six true stories of struggle and freedom threaded together by physical theatre and song. Inspired by the first man in America to plead insanity as his defence, award-winning writer Camilla Whitehill and Strictly Arts examine the unspoken link between mental health and systemic racism.

Throughout time and across waters, from William Freeman to Sarah Reed, six true stories are threaded together and told through physical theatre, spoken word, gospel singing, shadow puppetry and more.

Youth Helping Youth

Creative Journeys to Wellbeing.

Free weekly creative sessions open to all young people in Haringey aged 13 to 21 years, who want to use creativity to explore emotional wellbeing.

We will look at issues that affect us all like stress, anxiety, bullying and happiness using different arts including drama, photography and poetry.

Sessions are 2-5pm every Thursday throughout the summer holidays at Bernie Grant Arts Centre.


The Fantasmapods at The Mall Wood Green

Friday 24 August to Wednesday 29 August, 10am-4pm (11am-5pm on Sunday 26 August).

From Friday 24 August 2018, we’re bringing our VR Roadshow to Wood Green, featuring the amazing Fantasmapod - a free virtual reality gaming experience that’s guaranteed to amaze you.

You’ll discover mind-blowing games to delight all ages, from young ones to teens and even adults too! All set in fabulous fantasy worlds that will stretch your imagination to its furthest limits… and beyond!

Music Club

Mondays: 4.30pm (keyboard) and 5.30pm (guitar).

An amazing opportunity for children and young people (aged 8 – 18) to learn and become proficient playing a guitar or keyboard.

Please contact PHASCA on 07946 128 497 for more details.