Which bin to use and what to recycle

What goes in which bin?

You have different recycling bins for different items.

General guidance on what can and can't be put in each bin is available below.

The different types of bins are shown below.

Food waste bin

In your food waste bin you can put:

  • fruit and vegetables
  • meat, fish and bones
  • teabags and coffee grounds
  • bread, pasta and rice
  • eggs and dairy products
  • leftover food
  • pet food

Information on food waste recycling (external link)

    Garden waste bin

    In your garden waste bin, if you have one, you can put:

    • grass cuttings and hedge clippings
    • flowers and small branches
    • leaves and prunings

    Information on our garden waste service

    Recycling bin

    In your recycling bin you can put:

    • paper and cardboard - including shredded paper
    • glass bottles and jars
    • food tins, drink cans and aerosols
    • plastic bottles
    • food and drink cartons (tetrapacks)
    • plastic food trays and containers such as yoghurt pots

    If you are not sure exactly what can be recycled, check the A-Z on the North London Waste Authority website for a full list of items:

    Find out what can be recycled(external link)

    For information on how to get rid of large household items such as an old sofa or mattress, please visit the bulky waste collection page.

    Some items you will need to take to the reuse and recycling centre.

    General waste bin

    In your general waste bin you can put:

    • clingfilm
    • cellophane
    • crisp packets
    • sanitary products
    • polystyrene
    • broken glass - carefully wrapped
    • dog poo and cat litter
    • nappies - non-reusable

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    What do the different bins look like?

    You have different bins for each kind of waste.

    Non-communal bins

    General waste bin:

    Tall black wheelie bin with lid

    Recycling bin:

      Tall dark grey wheelie bin with green lidGreen plastic sack tied up containing recycling

      Food waste bins - the black caddy is for your kitchen. Empty your black caddy straight into your green food waste bin:

      Green bin with lidBlack square bin with lid

      You may also have a garden waste bin:

      Tall brown wheelie bin with lid

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      Communal bins

      General waste bin:

      Large metal bin with lid

      Recycling bin:

      Large black bin with lid

      Food waste bins - the black caddy (or sometimes brown caddy) is for your kitchen. Empty your black caddy straight into the food waste bin:

      Large black communal food waste bin with lidBlack square bin with lid

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      Bin containers for residents of flats above shops

      On-street waste containment for residents of flats above shops

      We are introducing new types of waste storage for many of our residents who live in flats above shops. Where space allows, we will be placing new containers that provide a convenient, clean and tidy solution for those without a waste storage area, reducing the mess that waste bags create along some of our busiest roads. 

      Depending on the location, residents will have access to either a ‘MetroStor’ bin, which are wheeled bins housed within a large black box, or a ‘drop box’, which is a smaller black box with a lid that residents can leave their household bagged waste in. Homes that will have access to the new containment will be informed by letter prior to installation.

      Metrostor Drop Box

      Once the on-street waste containment has been installed, residents must ensure all waste is tied in bags and placed inside the container. If you are found placing general waste outside of the container, or if anyone other than those it is intended for is found using it, you could be fined up to £400. 

      Our street sweepers will also use the containers to store the bags of litter they accumulate ready for collection. 

      Businesses must continue to present their commercial waste out for collection on the pavement during their allotted timed collection put-out times. 

      All businesses must be able to prove that they have appropriate waste management in place.

      Haringey, in partnership with Veolia, can provide this service. For more information, go to our Commercial Waste Page.

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      Page last updated:

      March 9, 2023

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