Resident Commitments

As a Haringey resident, you have a responsibility to help keep our borough clean and tidy, whilst also helping us achieve our recycling target of 36%. By following our simple Resident Commitments, you can help make a big impact to Haringey and our environment.

I will make sure I present my waste for collection properly:

Tall dark grey wheelie bin with green lid

  • Please ensure bins are available for collection by 6am on your collection day, are easy to see and that we have clear access to them without placing them outside of your property boundary or on the pavement
  • If you live in a flat above a shop, please ensure you are only putting your waste out for collection within 1 hour of your timed collection, or placing bagged household waste only inside your on-street waste containment. Find more information on waste collections for flats above shops
  • If you have physical difficulties putting your bins out, please call us on 020 8885 7700 or email to arrange assisted collections

I will put my waste in the correct bin:

  • All residents have access to three types of home recycling collections: dry recycling as standard, food waste that is available to sign up to for free and garden waste that is available from £55 per year
  • Not all recyclable items can go in your home recycling but can be taken to recycling points within the borough, such as textiles, electricals (external link) and batteries (external link)
  • All residents will also have a home general waste bin for any items that can’t be recycled
  • Use our useful guide to find out what items go in which bin
  • Please remember that nappies, sanitary products, pet litter and plastic films cannot be recycled and must go in your general waste bin
  • Hazardous waste such as asbestos, industrial chemicals and solvents must not go into your home waste bins, instead please arrange a free collection with The City of London hazardous waste service (external link)

I will reduce, reuse and recycle my waste as much as possible:

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I will share my ideas on what I think will improve our recycling services in Haringey:

  • If you have any suggestions about how we can make our recycling services better please submit them here:

Tell us your recycling ideas

I will dispose of my bulky waste/large items legally and responsibly:

I will not leave rubbish in my front garden or in a public space, and I will report those who do so:

  • Dumping rubbish is illegal and those caught doing it will be fined £400. You can also go on to be prosecuted and fined up to £50,000
  • Leaving waste in your front garden can also leave you at risk. If someone takes the rubbish from your garden and dumps it in a public space you could get a fine of £400. If waste is stored in your front garden and is not cleared when asked to do so, you could be served a Community Protection Notice
  • To help us clear up dumped rubbish and to catch those responsible please contact us at and provide as much information as you can as well as your contact details. All correspondence is treated in the strictest confidence
  • You can also report dumped rubbish on-the-go using the Our Haringey/Love Clean Streets app

Fly-tipping: Help us catch those dumping rubbish Wall of shame

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I will always put my rubbish in the bin when out and about or take it home with me, and I will always pick up my dog’s waste:

  • Not only can litter attract vermin and harm wildlife, but it can also land you with a £150 fine
  • This also includes small items such as food wrappers, chewing gum and cigarette ends
  • As well as being unpleasant, dog fouling is also a serious health hazard that can carry potential diseases for both humans and dogs. Please always ensure you are clearing up after your dog
  • Report litter and dog mess while on-the-go using your mobile phone with the Our Haringey/Love Clean Streets app

I will report graffiti and flyposting:

  • Reporting graffiti and flyposting can help us find it and clean it quicker. Report on-the-go using your mobile phone with the Our Haringey/Love Clean Streets app.
  • If you witness an act of graffiti or flyposting taking place do not intervene but call the police

Report someone for dumping rubbish

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Page last updated:

November 7, 2022