Food caddies and compostable liners

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Food caddies

What we provide

We provide residents in kerbside properties with a free:

  • kitchen food caddy
  • green external food waste box. 

We provide residents in high rise properties with a free:

  • kitchen food caddy
  • shared external food waste bin.

Both bins are lockable to keep out foxes, insects and other vermin.

    What food waste goes into a food caddy?

    You can put these food products in your food caddy:

    • Bread, pasta and rice 
    • Eggs and dairy products
    • Fruit and vegetables 
    • Meat, fish and bones
    • Plate scrapings
    • Tea bags and coffee grounds

    Do not include these items in your food caddy:

    • Liquids
    • Oils or liquid fat
    • Plastic bags and packaging

    Simply collect your food waste in your kitchen caddy, then transfer the contents to your outside larger bin ready for collection.

    New or replacement caddies

    Note that a new food caddy or external food waste box is also free. Contact Veolia if you need replacements. 

    Compostable liners

    How to recognise a compostable liner

    Residents can use approved compostable liners in their food waste boxes. They are available at all the big supermarkets and also online.

    A compostable liner will always display the European Bioplastics logo, shown below.

    European Bioplastics logo

    Do I have to use compostable liners?

    No, use of compostable liners is optional for Haringey residents. But if you use a liner that is not compostable we will not collect your food waste. 

    If you don't have a liner then put your food waste loose into the outdoor food waste box for collection. We suggest you put newspaper, grass or leaves at the bottom of the box to stop food sticking. You may wish to rinse out the box afterwards.

    What size compostable liners can I use?

    Liners between 6 litres and ten litres will fit into the food caddy. You can obtain free food waste liners from your local library.

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    Page last updated:

    November 23, 2022

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