Net Zero Carbon Haringey

In March 2020, Haringey's Cabinet voted unanimously to publish the draft Haringey Climate Change Action Plan (HCCAP) setting out how the borough will become net zero carbon by 2041.

Following a period of engagement between October 2020 and January 2021, all feedback has been reviewed and integrated within the final HCCAP. Cabinet will review the final plan on 9 March 2021, with the recommendation to adopt the final HCCAP and implement it. We will publish the final HCCAP on these pages once it has been adopted.

You can still view our engagement website (external link) to find out more about our strategy and see what comments other people submitted during the engagement period.

Try our Carbon Reduction Priority Tool

You can also still visit our interactive Carbon Reduction Priority Tool (external link) until 22 March 2021. You are allocated an imaginary number of points, with which you can set out what you feel are the priority areas we should target first.

Read the draft Climate Change Action Plan

The HCCAP is based on baseline studies undertaken by energy consultants Arup. They were commissioned to draw up a route map for the borough to become net zero carbon. Stages 1 and 2 of their initial work was based on becoming net zero carbon by 2050, these reports can be found in the Zero by 2050 section on the Reducing CO2 Emissions page.

Following the council’s Climate Emergency Declaration in March 2019, Arup updated the route map to bring forward the borough’s net zero carbon target date. They issued the Climate Emergency Scenario Report as an update to their Zero by 2050 reports.

The Haringey Climate Emergency Scenario Report - November 2019 (PDF, 548KB) undertaken by Arup was commissioned in response to the council declaring a Climate Emergency, concluding that the earliest date the borough could become net zero carbon by would be 2041.

Working together to reduce carbon emissions

We want to be a net zero-carbon council by 2027. We aim to do this by making core council operational buildings and all transport-related activities zero carbon through energy efficiency retrofit programmes measures, removing carbon from frontline vehicles and much more. This only represents less than 0.8% of the borough’s emissions.

To meet the target set for Haringey to be net zero carbon by 2041 as a borough, we will all need to play our part. We can only achieve this target if residents and businesses collectively reduce their carbon emissions too.

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3 March 2021