Design Awards 2018 - Best House

The most beautiful, innovatively designed and impeccably constructed new single family homes, conversions and home extensions.


Harvey Road 

Exquisitely crafted, minimalist, brick and fine quality hardwood rear extension kitchen and family room that flows and continues out into the garden.

Harvey Road - new extension with garden beyond   Harvey Road - new kitchen at back of extension

  • Erbar Mattes Architects

Other finalists

Corner House

Thoughtful, sculptural and elegantly composed brick & glass house that terminates a terrace of Victorian villas, a contemporary reinterpretation avoiding pastiche.

Corner House - photo showing view from the garden   Corner House - photo showing view from the street

  • Luke Zuber – ZDA Architects 

Kenwood Lee House 

Replacing an ordinary ‘50s house with a striking stone and glass home, with brick panels, not-quite-symmetric windows and pitched roof to fit into the street.

Kenwood Lee House - photo showing cantilevered stairs in the house   Kenwood Lee House - photo showing exterior from garden

  • Cousin & Cousins Architects

Mayfield Road 

Almost not there, a rear extension in just glass, with minimalist steel posts and mullions, allowing complete impression of space flowing.

Mayfield Road - photo looking back at the glass extension from the existing house   Mayfield Road - photo of the glass extension from the garden

  • Luis Trevino Architects

St James’s Lane 

A simple masonry rear extension that maintains the distinction with the original Georgian house, a coolly colourful kitchen and garden connection.

St James’s Lane - photo of extension from garden ©MariellLindHansen  St James’s Lane - photo of new kitchen interior ©MariellLindHansen

  • IF_DO Architects


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October 15, 2018