Coronavirus (COVID-19): Help and Support Available for Residents

Financial help

General information on finances and accessing financial support can be found here:

We have summarised some of the key financial changes which may happened as the result of COVID-19. If you require more support or information please contact Connected Communities (020 8489 4431) or Citizens Advice (external link).

Universal Credit

This is a payment to help with your living costs. You may be able to receive Universal Credit if you are on a low income, are out of work, or your work situation has changed as a result of COVID-19.

If you’re already claiming Universal Credit and think you may have been affected by COVID-19, please contact your Work Coach as soon as possible. You can do this via your online journal. The Minimum Income Floor will not be applied if you have been affected by COVID-19..

Applications for Universal Credit are usually done online (external link). If you have real difficulty in accessing a computer, claims can be made on the phone by calling 0800 328 5644. If you need support with making an application for Universal Credit, please call Citizens Advice’s ‘Help to Claim’ line: 0800 144 8 444 (Freephone) 

Verification for Universal Credit was previously conducted through face-to-face appointments at the Job Centre. Currently, Job Centres are verifying documents through a phone questionnaire. Only in exceptional circumstances will new claimants be asked to visit the Job Centre Office 


If you are struggling with your gas or electricity or are unable to top up your pre-payment meter, the first thing to do is to contact your supplier to see what help they can offer. Some companies are able to provide fuel vouchers or extend your emergency credit. Contact details for your supplier can be found online. There is more information about utilities here (external link)

  • BRITISH GAS 0333 202 9802
  • EDF 0333 200 5100
  • EON 0345 052 000
  • N POWER 0800 073 3000
  • Scottish Power 0800 027 0072 
  • SSE 0345 026 2658

Council Tax

Haringey Council tax bills were issued on the 9 March for the whole financial year April 2020-March 2021. If your financial circumstances have changed or you are struggling with your Council Tax payments please go to to apply for our Council Tax Reduction Scheme. This may reduce your council tax liability.

If you are still struggling with your payments please contact the Council Tax team directly through the website. 

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

Statutory sick pay is £94.25 per week. It is available for people who are classed as an employee and have been earning an average of £118 a week. More information on the definition of employee is available here (external link). Agency workers are entitled to sick pay.

You may get more than statutory sick pay depending on your employer’s sick pay policy. 

You can claim sick pay if you have been advised to self-isolate due to COVID-19. If you are not eligible for sick pay, you may be able to apply for Universal Credit.

You can claim sick pay from the first day of your illness or self-isolation due to COVID-19. 

Help with food costs for families

If your child usually receives a free school meal you may qualify for a food voucher. These are £15 a week for primary school aged children and £20 a week for secondary school aged children. An application for these vouchers can be done here.

If you have a child under four or are an expectant mother, you may also qualify for Healthy Start vouchers. These can be redeemed against fruit, vegetables, milk and baby formula. An application for healthy start vouchers can be made here (external link).

If you would like further information or help completing these forms please call Connected Communities 0208 489 4431 or Haringey Citizens Advice 0808 223 1133 (Freephone)

Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot pay my rent. What should I do?
There will be no evictions due to rent arrears at this time. However, it is important if you think you will not be able to pay your rent that you let your landlord know as soon as possible and get advice and support as soon as possible. You may be able to get support with your housing costs through Universal Credit or a discretionary housing payment.

What is happening with my Job Centre appointments?
As of 16 March, all routine appointments at local Jobs & Benefits offices have been postponed. Those due to sign-on will be excused from signing. For those already receiving benefits, you will continue to receive your payments and rather than attend the office for appointments, Work Coaches will communicate with you via your online journal, the phone, or will simply reschedule appointments for a later date.

Face-to-face assessments for all benefits will be suspended for a period of 3 months from 16 March. This includes claims for PIP. Assessments for benefits will be carried out by telephone, or by considering medical evidence submitted by post. If you already have an appointment for assessment scheduled you will be contacted to cancel your appointment.

I have a lot of debts. What should I do?
Information on support available with debts is here.

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Food and Essential Supplies

How can I access essential supplies

Connected Communities food supply diagram (PDF, 89KB)
Connected Communities food supply diagram (PDF, 89KB)


There are a number of local shops that are able to deliver. Many of these can take payment over the phone.

For a map of local businesses that deliver in Haringey click the button below:

Local shops offering food deliveries in Haringey

For a list of London-wide businesses offering delivery services click here

London-wide delivery services

Supermarket deliveries

It is difficult to get delivery slots with big supermarkets right now due to demand.

Central government has said those that are on the ‘Shielder’ list will be given priority over delivery slots. To do this, those identified as ‘Extremely Vulnerable’ need to register on the GOV.UK website (external link) as requiring essential supplies by answering ‘no’ to the question, "Do you have a way of getting essential supplies delivered at the moment?"
This information will then be shared with supermarkets so that the individual can access priority delivery slots. They will also receive a government food parcel.

If the individual does not wish to receive a Government food parcel, they can then ‘deregister’ on the GOV.UK by answering ‘yes’ to the above question, or by refusing the parcel when it is delivered. They will then be removed from the Government distribution list. Deregistering will not affect their supermarket priority status.

It is worth checking back with the bid supermarkets regularly as capacity is changing. 

If you are able to get a ‘click and collect’ delivery but are unable to leave your home due to ill health or advice from the NHS, Connected Communities can organise a collection for you. Please email us on or call on 020 8489 4431.

If you have a close friend, relative or neighbour who you trust to do your shopping for you, this may be an option to explore. Please do keep yourself safe and remember not to:

  • Give anyone your debit card or pin number
  • Invite anyone into your home that you do not know

If someone does help you with shopping, you should remain 2m apart when dropping off.

Volunteer shopping cards such as ASDA (external link), Marks and Spencer (external link), Waitrose (external link) are available. These cards can be bought online, then emailed to a volunteer or printed and left in a safe place for them to pick up. The volunteer then shops using the card making the payment using the barcode in store, and leaves the shopping in a safe place.

Food Parcels

Central government is delivering food parcels directly to people who have received a letter from the NHS asking them to ‘shield’ and remain in doors for 12 weeks. Haringey Council is not able to make any amendments to these parcels including stopping or starting them.

If you do not wish to receive a Government food parcel, you will need to ‘deregister’ on the GOV.UK by answering ‘yes’ to the above question, or by refusing the parcel when it is delivered. They will then be removed from the Government distribution list. Deregistering will not affect your supermarket priority status.

Haringey Council is working closely with a number of voluntary and community sector partners to help deliver emergency food provision to those in need in the borough. If you require emergency food because of COVID-19 or are struggling to get enough food please contact 020 8489 4431.

  • Help is available for anyone who needs it, regardless of immigration status

If you are an organisation who would like to introduce households who may be in need of food support, please email

Shopping Frequently Asked Questions

I am not able to order online. How can I get shopping delivered to my home? 
A number of local shops are taking deliveries over the phone. If you call the Connected Communities line 020 8489 4431 we will be able to give you the details of these.

You can also view our map (external link) that shows which local grocery stores are offering deliveries or our London-wide online food deliveries page for details.

I am receiving a food package but I want to ask for specific things. How do I do this?
We are not able to change the contents of the central government food parcels.

The food parcels from London Borough of Haringey in partnership with the voluntary sector are largely made up of donated food. We cannot, therefore, guarantee the contents. 
If you need help in accessing specific supplies please see the information on local shops above or call 020 8489 4431. 

Further Support

See also:

Befriending service

Staying at home can be lonely and it can be difficult to connect socially. If you would be interested in becoming or having a telephone befriender, please contact Reach and Connect (external link) who are running a special expanded service to respond to COVID-19.

Bereavement support

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15 September 2020

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