You need to tell us straightaway if you’ve been paid too much Housing Benefit. 

Contact us if: 

  • you think you’ve been overpaid 
  • you get a letter from us saying you’ve been overpaid 
  • your circumstances change and this is likely to affect your Housing Benefit 

It’s your responsibility to tell us if: 

If you don’t tell us of any change in your circumstances, we may prosecute you for benefit fraud. 

Contact the Benefits team

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If you get a letter from us 

If we send you a letter saying you’ve been overpaid, contact us immediately if you think this is a mistake and you want to appeal the decision

Overpayment letter sample

You can view an example of an Overpayment Decision Notice on the Understanding your benefit letter page.

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When you must repay the money 

You’ll have to pay back the money if: 

  • the information you gave us was wrong 
  • you did not report a change in your circumstances 
  • we made a mistake, but you should’ve noticed the overpayment, like receiving 2 payments instead of 1 

If your landlord gets your Housing Benefit directly 

We will ask your landlord to repay the money if they are responsible for the overpayment. If you’re responsible for the overpayment, you may have to repay it. 

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How to make repayments 

If you still receive Housing Benefit, we will reduce the regular amount you get until the money is paid back. We can also help you arrange a payment plan. 

Repayment methods 

You can: 

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Page last updated:

January 23, 2023