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Haringey housing services offers a comprehensive repairs service to ensure your council home is well maintained – but did you know that some repairs are the tenant’s/leaseholder’s responsibility? Use the links below to find out about your responsibilities, which repairs are chargeable and who should carry out the repair: 

See useful information about your home, repairs and maintenance, helpful apps and more.

Has the repair already been requested?

Report repair options

Is this an emergency repair?

Emergency repair options

Please visit the Housing Emergencies page.

If you haven’t already checked your repair responsibilities, please do so now:

Is the repair your responsibility?
Responsibility options

Did you know the easiest way to log a repair is through Housing Online (your online account)? 

  • You can report a repair, book and manage appointments and track progress quickly and easily.
  • Registration is quick, easy and free and best of all, once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to do so much more than just report repairs.  
  • Your 24-hour secure online account will give you access to a wide range of services

Why spend time in phone queues or writing emails when you can do it instantly online?

Sign up or log into Housing Online now

If for whatever reason you’re unable to register for your online account, you can also report the repair using our online contact form. However please note, this is not the quickest way to log a repair request and there could be delays in processing your request during peak/busy periods.

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