Haringey Council on social media

You can keep up with what's going on in Haringey and get involved through a number of social media sites. Here's what we currently have available: (see also our disclaimer and also our guidance about about using social media for service requests below):

Main Haringey Council accounts

X (formerly Twitter)

X logo (formerly Twitter)Haringey Council X feed (external link) – the official X feed to follow for news, events, consultations and service updates.

X logo (formerly Twitter)Haringey Council Customer Services X feed (external link) – the official X feed for our customer services. The feed is monitored on the following days and times (excluding bank holidays):

  • Monday: 9am to 5pm
  • Tuesday: 9am to 5pm
  • Wednesday: 10am to 5pm
  • Thursday: 9am to 5pm
  • Friday: 9am to 5pm

X logo (formerly Twitter)Haringey Business X feed (external link) – information and advice for Haringey businesses and entrepreneurs.

Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, Flickr and YouTube

Facebook icon

Haringey Council Facebook page (external link): this is the council’s official Facebook page, where you can find information about your borough along with the latest local news, pictures and events – and share your news with others.

Haringey Council on Instagram (external link): this is our official Instagram account – a space to celebrate the great things in our borough.

Nextdoor iconHaringey Council on Nextdoor (external link): our official Nextdoor page – a great space to connect with local residents.

Flickr icon

Haringey's Flickr photostream (external link): photos of Haringey landmarks and locations, along with photos of Haringey and local community events.

You Tube icon

Haringey on YouTube (external link): videos produced by or for Haringey Council, covering a wide range of topics.

Other social media accounts


Early help provision to address the needs of autistic adults and their support networks.

X logo (formerly Twitter)#ActuallyHaringey X feed (external link)

#ActuallyHaringey on Instagram (external link)

Facebook icon#ActuallyHaringey Facebook page (external link)

LinkedIn#ActuallyHaringey private Facebook group (external link)


Follow our Haringey Careers accounts for all job and career updates.

X logo (formerly Twitter)Haringey Careers X feed (external link)

Facebook iconHaringey Careers Facebook page (external link)

LinkedInHaringey Careers on LinkedIn (external link)

Haringey Careers on Instagram (external link)

Early Years

Early Years Haringey on Instagram (external link)
Early Support and information for parents/carers and providers of childcare for children 0-5 years old.

Family Hubs

Our aim is to provide support and information to help Haringey families to thrive.

Family Hubs Haringey on Instagram (external link)

Facebook iconFamily Hubs Haringey on Facebook (external link)

Haringey Fostering

Our aim is to provide loving homes for all vulnerable, local children in need.

X logo (formerly Twitter)Haringey Fostering on X (external link)

Haringey Fostering on Instagram (external link)

Facebook iconHaringey Fostering on Facebook (external link)

Haringey Music Service

X logo (formerly Twitter)Haringey Music Service on X (external link)
Updates from our schools' music service.

Haringey Music Service on Vimeo (external link)
Watch videos from the Haringey Music Service.

Haringey SEND (Haringey Special Educational Needs and Disabilities)

Facebook iconSEND Facebook page (external link)

X logo (formerly Twitter)SEND on X (external link)

SEND on Instagram (external link)


X logo (formerly Twitter)Haringey Libraries on X (external link)
Updates from Haringey libraries, museums, galleries and bookshops, including news on local cultural events.

Haringey Libraries Instagram (external link)
On a mission to inspire lifelong learning, promote reading, and strengthen our communities.

New River Sport and Fitness

Facebook iconNew River Sport and Fitness Facebook page (external link)

New River Sport and Fitness on Instagram (external link)

Registrars – George Meehan House

Facebook iconGeorge Meehan House Facebook page (external link)

George Meehan House on Instagram (external link)

Youth Services

X logo (formerly Twitter)Haringey Council's Youth Space on X (external link)
Tweeting about activities, job opportunities and events for young people in Haringey.

Facebook icon

Youth Space Facebook page (external link)
A page developed to keep you up-to-date on all the latest opportunities, jobs, projects, and information for young people in Haringey.

Youth Space Instagram (external link)
See what Haringey's young people are doing.

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Please note that Haringey Council only provides content on social media websites at the addresses given above. We have no responsibility for those websites as a whole or for content and comments provided by third parties.

The decision to display comments from, befriend or follow any organisations or individuals using social media does not constitute an endorsement by Haringey Council of any kind.

These accounts are monitored during standard working hours only. If you wish to contact the council about a service-related matter we recommend you use the reporting tools and contact numbers given on this website – see our A-Z of services, contact and report a problem pages.

Service requests and queries

We will try to respond to your questions sent through X (formerly Twitter) and other social media channels where we can provide a quick answer, or signpost you to the correct webpage/customer service team.

Please note: we will not respond to any messages, posts or comments sent via social media which are deemed abusive, offensive, malicious, politically motivated, spam, or likely to cause harm to individuals or groups. Also, we will not use social media to engage in discussions over council policy and processes. 

Any such comments, posts or tags added to our social media channels will be hidden or removed, and anyone found to be persistently posting such comments will be blocked.

For specific service-related problems or to send us your feedback, please use one of the online options on our contact page.

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Page last updated:

September 21, 2023

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