Where and when you can visit us

Wood Green Library (ground floor)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday | 10am - 4pm

Contact: ConnectedCommunities@haringey.gov.uk

Marcus Garvey Library (first floor)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday | 10am - 4pm

Contact: ConnectedCommunities@haringey.gov.uk

Northumberland Park Resource Centre (NPRC)

Tuesdays | 10am - 4pm

Contact: Keesha Sinclair - Keesha.Sinclair@Haringey.gov.uk

Broadwater Farm Health Centre

Tuesdays | 9.30am - 2pm

Contact: Stella Sumah - Stella.Sumah@Haringey.gov.uk

Hornsey Health Centre

Mondays | 10am - 4pm

Contact: Andrea Wershof - Andrea.Wershof@Haringey.gov.uk

Commerce Road Community Centre

Fridays | 10am - 4pm

Contact: David Verschoor - David.Verschoor@Haringey.gov.uk

North Middlesex Hospital

Thursdays | 10am - 4pm

Contact: Alice Lovell - Alice.Lovell@Haringey.gov.uk

Please note: these locations are subject to change so please contact the relevant member of staff prior to attending to ensure someone from Connected Communities is there to meet with you. For more information on the support provided and how to get in touch with a service, please take a look at our 'Meet the teams' page.

If you are unable to visit one of our locations and require support or information, please call 020 8489 4431.

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Page last updated:

19 April 2021