Haringey Supports Ukraine

We are working with local groups to support a coordinated approach to people fleeing Ukraine and neighbouring countries through providing support and preparing for people arriving in the borough.

Haringey's Response

The Leader of Haringey Council, Cllr Peray Ahmet, brought a meeting of Eastern European and Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) groups together on Thursday 3 March alongside Chief Executive, Andy Donald, to have a conversation about the needs among people in Ukraine, Ukrainian refugees and neighbouring countries.

We have worked to create a local response by:

  • Giving our residents a chance to become sponsors and offer a space in their home
  • Reviewing registrations for Homes for Ukraine sponsors as part of the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities
  • Creating bespoke guidance documents for arriving Ukrainian residents – this will include guidance on life in our borough as well as advice on applying for a job or a school place
  • Working to establish Ukrainian Support Networks through meeting with the VCS groups to support the response
  • Setting up a multi-disciplinary team to co-ordinate our response

We will continue to develop and update this web page with all the relevant information.

If you have any queries or questions relating to Homes for Ukraine scheme, please email homesforukraine@haringey.gov.uk

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UK government welcome guide and information

The national government has released a guidance pack with national information and guidance for Ukrainian arrivals.

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How you can help now

Become a sponsor

If you would like to become a sponsor as part of the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme, please visit the Homes for Ukraine website (external link) to register your interest. You will receive updates on the scheme after registering on the website.

Can I be a sponsor?

Individual sponsors in the UK can be of any nationality, with any immigration status, providing they have at least 6 months’ leave to remain in the UK, so that they can provide at least six months’ accommodation. They can live in any part of the UK.

To ensure a safe and suitable environment for people arriving from Ukraine, checks will be carried out (background and in-person) on you as a sponsor, your family and the accommodation that you will provide. For example, the accommodation should be safe and free from health hazards, be heated and give your guests adequate access to bathroom and kitchen facilities. Checks will also take place on those arriving from Ukraine.

Someone is eligible for the scheme if they are a Ukrainian national (or an immediate family member of one) and were resident in Ukraine prior to 1 January 2022.

The scheme will welcome as many arrivals as possible, based on the number of sponsors.

People arriving under this scheme will be able to:

  • Live and work in the UK for up to three years
  • Access healthcare, benefits, employment support, education, and English language tuition

Please note that, as no rent is payable for accommodation under the scheme, therefore there is no requirement for a HMO license. We will also undertake DBS checks on all adults over the age of 16 in the sponsor household. In households where there are incoming arrivals who are children and/or vulnerable adults, an enhanced DBS check with barred lists check will be required for all adults in the sponsor household.

Will I receive a payment to host a Ukrainian resident or family?

Sponsors will be eligible for an optional ‘thank you payment’ of £350 per month, as long as the sponsorship arrangement exists, for up to 12 months in total.

There will be a maximum of one monthly payment per address paid in arrears, regardless of the number of guests being hosted, and regardless of the size or location of the property. Payments will be administered by the council and will not be released to sponsors until property checks have been completed. Further guidance on property checks will follow in due course. This payment will be tax-free and should not affect the sponsor’s entitlement to benefits or council tax status.

If you have any enquiries or questions, you can email us at homesforukraine@haringey.gov.uk

For more information on the scheme, please visit Homes for Ukraine scheme - frequently asked questions (external link).

What do I need to do to make sure my home is suitable for my guest?

All accommodation will be different and while there is no set expectation, your accommodation needs to be free from serious health and safety hazards.

You should make sure your home is safe for your guests and that it is in a suitable condition. You should also consider how many people you can accommodate so they have sufficient space.

Two people should not be in one room unless they are:

  • adult cohabiting partners
  • a parent and child
  • two siblings of the same gender if aged over 10
  • two siblings regardless of gender if aged under 10

Individuals who didn’t previously know each other should not be given the same room.

Further to this we ask that accommodation:

  • be kept clean and in a reasonable state
  • have adequate kitchen and bathroom space
  • have access to drinking water
  • have a working smoke detector on each floor of the property and other fire safety precautions suitable for the building, eg fire doors or escape routes as appropriate - see further information on making a home safe from fire on GOV.UK (external link)
  • have a working carbon monoxide detector in any room containing a solid fuel burning appliance - eg a coal fire, wood-burning stove etc.
  • have sufficient heating to keep the property at a comfortable temperature
  • have safe gas appliances, fittings and flues and have undertaken a Gas Safety check within the last year - see more information on the HSE website (external link)
  • have safe and working electrics, which a qualified electrician can help with if you are unsure
  • be almost entirely free of damp or mould
  • have doors and windows at entry-level that lock properly
  • be easy and safe to move around in, without excessively steep staircases that may cause harm

Reset Communities 

We are aware that some individuals or families who have registered on the Government website to become a Sponsor, haven’t always been matched with a Ukrainian family or an individual. If you still want to become a Sponsor, you can also register with Reset Communities and Refugees, which is a charity leading UK community sponsorship since 2018.

The charity will bring together sponsors and refugees and assess their eligibility and suitability for the scheme. It will also provide training and advice to the sponsors and community groups. For more information, please visit Homes for Ukraine (external link).

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Donations of items such as clothes, food or medical supplies to be sent to Ukraine or neighbouring countries are not currently being encouraged.

Although these kind offers are really appreciated, and it's understood that not everyone is in a position to give money right now, it is the quickest way to get the right kind of support to people on the ground.

You can donate money through the following routes:

Before donating to organisations, it’s worth taking a few steps to make sure you’re giving to a legitimate organisation:

  • Donating is your choice, you should never feel pressured to give
  • Do some research on the organisation - a simple Google search should give a good feel for how well established the organisation is and what it does
  • If it’s a charity you can look them up on the Charity Commission website (external link)

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Advice for Ukrainians seeking refuge in the UK

Welcome Hubs

We have set up 3 Welcome Hubs to offer support and guidance on various processes such as setting up a bank account or applying for a child's school place. 

It is free and open to all including sponsors. There is no need to book, just pop in (the hubs are becoming very busy so there may be a wait to see one of our support workers):

Muswell Hill

  • Muswell Hill Methodist Church, 28 Pages Lane, N10 1PP
    • Drop-in sessions every Thursday. between 10am and 12 noon
    • Connected Communities support worker on site


  • Living Under One Sun, Bowling Green and Pavilion, Down Lane Park, Park View Road, N17 9EX
    • Drop-in sessions: every Friday, between 10am and 12 noon

Wood Green

  • Wood Green Central Library, High Road, N22 6XD 
    • Drop-in sessions: every Monday, between 1.30 and 4.30pm

Coffee mornings

HoPEC (House of Polish and European Community) Coffee Mornings:

  • Wood Green Central Library, High Road, N22 6XD
    • Drop-in sessions: every Monday, 11am to 12.30pm
      • Wellbeing 
      • Social activities 
      • Friendly space to meet new people
      • All are welcome

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Welcome guidance

We have created some welcome guidance for all arriving residents:

Residents will be able to find information on some of the following aspects of living in the area:

  • Advice and referrals to specialist public health services as appropriate eg mental health services, adult social care and children’s services
  • Access to local Jobcentre Plus appointments for benefit assessments and job-seeking
  • There may be some cases where the sponsor/guest relationship breaks down and the guest is homeless or at risk of homelessness. We will apply statutory homelessness duties in this instance
  • We will support the integration of Ukrainian families into our community. This may include the organisation of community events, access to translation services and working with local voluntary sector organisations and faith groups to help signpost advice and support

There is further information on local services and organisations that can be found in the below Connected Communities Welcome Pack:

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Thousands of free Ukrainian eBooks and audiobooks

Available across Europe, multimedia content provider Odilo launched a free app for both Android and iOS with thousands of eBooks and audiobooks to support Ukrainians with a range of free reading, listening, learning and entertainment opportunities.

There is material for both children and adults.

Links to the app:

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UK visas and immigration

Once you are in the UK, you have 6 months to provide biometrics to enable you to stay in the UK for 3 years. You can call the free 24/7 helpline on 0808 164 8810 for help with any questions about the scheme.

As a local authority, Haringey Council will play an important role in supporting Ukrainian residents seeking refuge in our borough. We will not only look at accommodation but also providing jobs, school places, safeguarding and any further financial support that is needed.

If you need support on any of the local service, or if you are a service/organisation that is working with Ukrainian individuals or family, you can email us at connectedcommunities@haringey.gov.uk or homesforukraine@haringey.gov.uk

The Home Office is allocating visas independently of Local Authority DBS, safeguarding, and property checks. Haringey Council has no control over Home Office prioritisation of visa processing. For updates, you can contact UK Visas and Immigration - GOV.UK (external link).

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Travel incentive

From Sunday 20 March, guests arriving in the country will be eligible for a single onward journey via national rail, bus, light rail, and coach. This will be free of charge to anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales. See the National Rail website (external link) for further information.

Working age guests will be able to apply to receive Universal Credit and will be able to apply for advance payments where eligible.

Pension age guests will have access to State Pension Credit and Housing Benefit provided they meet eligibility criteria.

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Homes for Ukraine financial support

For families and individuals arriving at sponsor accommodation located in the UK through the Homes for Ukraine Scheme, interim payments of £200 per guest for subsistence costs after arrival will be provided. The £200 Post Office vouchers are issued automatically to the guests' email addresses upon arrival to the UK. 

If you haven't received your voucher, please email us: connectedcommunities@haringey.gov.uk

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Provision of education

Haringey Council will provide school places for children of school age within the area.

To apply for a school place for your child, please visit our School Admissions page.

To find out about Early Learning/Education options available for children aged 0-4 years old, including free entitlement for 2-4 year olds, please visit Childcare and Early Years pages.

Child Benefit 

Anyone coming to the UK under the Ukraine Family Scheme or Homes for Ukraine scheme is entitled to claim Child Benefit immediately.

People who wish to claim should complete a CH2 Child Benefit claim form and submit this by post to the Child Benefit office. The address is included on the form.

They should provide an original birth certificate and the passport or travel document used to enter the UK. Where this documentation is not immediately available, people are advised to include a note in their claim and someone from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will be in touch to discuss further.

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In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) is the Government-funded medical and health care service.

Everyone living in the UK can use the NHS when they become sick or injured, to help them to get better. NHS services are 'free at the point of use', which means people can be treated for free when they are unwell.

Haringey, Here to Help

We want to make sure that everyone living in Haringey gets the help and support available to them.

For details of the full range of benefits and other financial help available, as well as employment, housing, and mental health support, please visit our Haringey, Here to Help pages.

Community Support Groups 

In addition to our Welcome Hubs, there are also local services and organisations for Ukrainian residents:

  • Ukrainian Church Services on the first and third Sundays of the month at 2.30pm in Waltham Cross at the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception and St Joseph (external link). The Mass is in the Byzantine Rite as adhered to by both Ukrainian Catholic and Orthodox faithful
  • Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Acton, 1A Newton Avenue, W3 8AJ
  • Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Family, 21-22 Binney Street, W1K 5BQ

Barnardo’s free helpline to support Ukrainian families

Barnardo’s has set up the Ukrainian Support Helpline to provide a holistic support service. The helpline is available to anyone fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. Callers will be able to get help and advice on a range of topics. 

The free helpline number is 0800 148 8586. It is staffed by English, Ukrainian and Russian speakers, to offer support to children and families arriving in the UK from Ukraine. 

The helpline is open Monday - Friday (10am - 8pm) and Saturday (10am - 3pm).

A dedicated email address ukrainiansupport@barnardos.org.uk has also been set up for those assisting with the Ukraine response. 

For more information, please visit Help for anyone fleeing the Ukrainian conflict (external link)

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COVID-19 vaccinations

All Ukrainian residents are entitled to a free COVID-19 vaccination. To find out more about COVID-19 vaccination clinics in Haringey, please our Covid-19 vaccination clinics in Haringey page.

There is also a number of useful information that can be found by visiting any of the pages below:

Guide to Booster vaccination leaflet / Керівництво по вакцинації бустера - листівка:

Useful links

The UK Government website has information on schemes available to Ukrainians and their family members:

Immigration information for Ukrainians in the UK, British nationals and their family members / Відомості про імміграцію для українців, які перебувають у Сполученому Королівстві, громадян Сполученого Королівства та їхніх родичів:

Your rights as a worker in the UK

Guidance for parents of students who use English as an Additional Language (EAL) / Керівництво для батьків студентів, які використовують англійську мову як додаткову мову (EAL):

Helping with displaced Ukrainians' concerns or worries resources

Thrive LDN has developed a number of resources to help those supporting displaced Ukranian’s coming to the UK:

  • Guidance for those welcoming displaced Ukranians into their homes
  • Thrive LDN training: Trauma informed practice in humanitarian crisis
    • Thrive LDN is partnering with Nicola Lester Psychological Trauma Consultancy to deliver training in trauma informed practice in humanitarian crisis. The online training is aimed for professionals and volunteers in community and grassroots organisations who are supporting the response and will take place on the 10, 17 and 24 May. Places are free and unlimited. 
      See all guidance, training and resources available - Thrive LDN (external link)

Red Cross

Additional resources:

Ukraine blue and yellow flag

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May 13, 2022