How we can support you

What we do

Depending on the support you’d like, our Connected Communities team can: 

  • provide information, advice and guidance, and show you where you can get this information 
  • help you to access a service, which may include: 
    • explaining the next steps 
    • supporting you to complete forms 
    • speaking to service providers on your behalf so that your voice is heard 
  • introduce you to specialist advisers in other teams if we’re not the best people to support you – this may be a different team in the council or another organisation 

Contact us if you'd like support in any of the following areas. 

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Finance / budgeting / debt 

We can introduce you to our Financial Support Team.

They can help you to: 

  • manage utility and other debt 
  • contact companies you owe money to and set up a manageable repayment plan 
  • apply for relevant grants 
  • apply for Council Tax Reduction (link to CTR info page) 
  • check you’re claiming all the benefits you’re entitled to 

Take a look at our guide for information and tips on personal finance:   

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Take a look at our guide for information and tips related to housing: 

Private sector and housing association tenants 

We can support private sector and housing association tenants with: 

  • landlord mediation 
  • housing disrepair 
  • pest issues 
  • tenancy management 

Council tenants 

We can support council tenants to speak to the right Homes for Haringey team or key contact. 

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Childcare and early years 

We can support parents and expectant parents with: 

Watch our Free for 2s videos to see what a typical learning and fun day is like for a 2 year-old.   

Take a look at our guide for information and tips related to family and parent support: 

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We can introduce you to our employment advisers at Haringey Works.

They can support you with:  

  • creating a CV 
  • searching for jobs 
  • completing job applications 
  • preparing for interviews 
  • transferring overseas qualifications 

They can also offer employability pathways. Employability pathways can help you into a good, sustainable job.   

Courses include: 

  • working in childcare 
  • introduction to teaching 
  • English for private hire drivers 
  • ESOL and IT 

Take a look at our guide for information and tips relating to employment: 

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Learning English (as a second language) and other adult learning 

We can introduce you to the Haringey Adult Learning Service (HALS). They offer a wide range of courses for: 

  • English for complete beginners  
  • those with higher levels of English speaking and listening 

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Connecting with your community 

We can support you: 

  • to set up a new community group or charity 
  • to apply for grants or funding for a community group 
  • by providing training for community group board members 

Our local area coordinators can help you: 

  • identify your strengths, goals and needs 
  • find practical ways of becoming more independent 
  • develop and use personal and local networks 
  • join local community groups 
  • feel more connected to local area 

You can meet your local area coordinator at your nearest Local Living Room (LLR) drop-in. Find out more about LLRs and when the next one will be held

Take a look at our guide for information and tips on getting involved in your community: 

Take a look at our guide for how to prepare in the event you must self-isolate due to Covid-19 

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Access other services 

Understanding how other teams, services and processes work can be confusing. Sometimes it’s helpful to have someone support you with getting the help you need. 

Our team can help you do this by: 

  • understanding the support you feel you need 
  • helping you to research the best service that can help 
  • helping you contact these services (or contacting them on your behalf if needed) 
  • keeping in touch with you until you feel supported by the other services 

Take a look at our guide for information and tips relating to the NHS and other health advice: 

Take a look at our guide for information and tips relating to key council services 

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Page last updated:

May 13, 2022