Support Available for Residents

Recognising the Signs of Extremism

Keeping Children and Young People Safe Against Radicalisation and Extremism (PDF, 72KB) provides information for parents to help them recognise possible signs of radicalisation and extremism, and gives guidance on the best way to deal with concerns. It presents information on key indicators of children who may be vulnerable to radicalisation and a guide to various sources of support.

If you have any concerns about the information contained in the leaflet, please use the contact numbers provided in the document to seek advice.

The Educate Against Hate website (external link) is also tailored to address reasons for, and signs of, young people being vulnerable to extremism, and provides useful information on internet safety and how best to protect children. 

Steps You Can Take to Safeguard Your Family at Home

How to Protect Children and Vulnerable People Online

Some people use the internet in order to promote extremism, however, not all offensive content is illegal.

What can I do to prevent this?

  • You can make the internet safe for your family by restricting access to risky sites
  • You can also report extremist content that you find online

All the major Internet Service Providers (such as Sky, BT, Talk Talk and Virgin Media) offer security and parental control packages. These services let you control or block access at home to specific sites or types of content, such as chat rooms, as well as protecting your computer from viruses and other people accessing your personal data. Contact your internet service provider for more information.

The major ISPs and many websites also have buttons or other facilities that allow you to complain about a particular page or video that you find offensive. Contact the website concerned or your ISP.

More information:

There is a lot of advice on how you can protect your family from unsuitable content on the Internet. Some good advice is available on the websites below:

Charitable Donations

Criminal convictions in recent years have shown how criminals can abuse the good name and reputation of both individual charities and the charity sector as a whole. This also highlights the risk of criminals, and those who are supporting terrorist activities, abusing charities and the trust the public holds in them. Charities and the public need to be alert to the possibility of all types of fraud, not just fraud for terrorist purposes. Useful information can be found on the Safer Giving London website (external link).

Local police officers are addressing significant dates, with engagement work in key hotspots for fundraising in Haringey.

Safety in the Community

If you come across graffiti of an extremist nature in Haringey, you should report it to the council on the following page, highlighting the extremist nature of the vandalism - report graffiti online.

A report should also be made to the police via their non-emergency number, 101.

If you are aware of individuals handing out leaflets containing extremist content, you should report this to the police via their non-emergency number, 101.

If you have concerns about an extremist organisation operating in the borough, you should report this to the Prevent Coordinator on the following details: 020 8489 3884 or 020 8489 1280 (office hours only), or via email:

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July 18, 2022

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