Haringey Partnership Problem Solving Group (PPSG)

The Partnership Problem Solving Group (PPSG) is a multi-agency partnership that has been implemented in Haringey to contribute to measurable reductions in criminality and anti-social behaviour (ASB) and increase public confidence.

The PPSG meets on a monthly basis and provides a co-ordinated approach to tackling key crime and ASB, using analysis to deploy resources to key areas of concern within Haringey, particularly focusing on reducing violence, vulnerability and exploitation.

Membership of the PPSG

The PPSG is co-chaired by the council and the Police. Membership of the group consists of core members, attending regularly, and flexible members, who attend when appropriate.

Core membership

  • Metropolitan Police Service
  • Haringey Partnership Policing Team
  • Safer Transport Team
  • Haringey Community Safety
  • Haringey Enforcement Services
  • Haringey CCTV & Parking Enforcement
  • Haringey Housing Improvement Team
  • Homes for Haringey/LBH Housing
  • Neighbourhood Watch

Flexible Membership

  • London Fire Service
  • Haringey Communications Team
  • Haringey Direct Services (Parks/Open Spaces)
  • Haringey Children Services/Youth Offending Service
  • Haringey Safeguarding Adults
  • Haringey Victim Support Service
  • Haringey Public Health Teams
  • Haringey Regeneration
  • Registered Social Landlords/Housing Providers
  • Haringey Mental Health Trust
  • British Transport Police/Transport for London
  • Bridge Renewal Trust
  • Traders/Retailer Forums

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Purpose and Function

  • To identify existing and emerging problems and priorities through timely information sharing between partners
  • To adopt a problem-solving and target hardening approaches utilising a task and finish style to deploy resources to resolve issues both in the short and long term
  • To oversee high profile partnership days/weeks of action, including seasonal activity, on the borough to impact on crime, ASB and confidence (through joint communications)
  • The PPSG will operate alongside the current Met Police Tactical Tasking and Co-Ordination Group (TTCG) process. Issues raised at one of these groups may also be raised at the other, if further support is required. This will be enabled through identified SPOCs (council and Police) attending both meetings
  • To link to other operational groups as appropriate, particularly where issues concern individuals (victims and/or perpetrators), such as the Gang Action Group (GAG) and Integrated Offender Management (IOM)

The PPSG reports for performance management/scrutiny purposes to the Community Safety Partnership Board (CSP). For more details on the board, visit the Community Safety Partnership page.

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Page last updated:

July 18, 2022