Antisocial behaviour (ASB)

Also see the Haringey Community Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (CMARAC) page.

ASB describes behaviour that can affect:

  • your quality of life
  • the peaceful enjoyment of your home

It can include:

  • verbal abuse
  • harassment
  • threatening behaviour
  • drugs and alcohol misuse
  • other behaviour that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress

It can also include loud, continuous noise. Find out how to make a noise complaint.

See more information on what ASB on the Metropolitan Police website (external link).

When to contact the police

If you, or anyone else, is in immediate danger call the police on 999.

If any of the following happen, report it to the police (external link):

  • arson
  • assault
  • drug use and dealing
  • gun or knife crime
  • hate crime
  • sexual offences
  • threats of abuse or violence

You can also report these incidents to us.

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Council's tools and powers

The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 outlines a range of tools and powers local authorities can employ to tackle ASB, such as:

  • civil injunctions
  • criminal behaviour orders
  • dispersal powers
  • public space protection orders
  • community protection notices

Visit GOV.UK for further details:

What we can and can’t investigate

Detailed lists of what we can and cannot investigate. 

What we can’t investigate

Behaviour that we won’t investigate includes:

  • cooking odours
  • one off parties or BBQs
  • clash of lifestyles including cultural differences or different working patterns
  • cats roaming in private gardens
  • smoking in private gardens and balconies
  • parking issues
  • personal differences and unfriendly looks or stares
  • young people being together in groups, unless their behaviour is threatening or abusive
  • children riding bikes or skateboards etc
  • homes that have frequent visitors

What we can investigate

Behaviour that we will investigate includes:

  • rowdy behaviour and drunkenness
  • persistent dog barking or uncontrolled animals
  • throwing objects or liquids from windows or balconies
  • dealing or taking drugs and alcohol-related nuisance
  • verbal abuse
  • intimidation and harassment including stalking and hate crimes
  • damage to property including vandalism and graffiti
  • threats or acts of violence
  • hate incidents motivated by age, disability, faith, race or sexual orientation
  • inconsiderate or dangerous parking and abandoned cars
  • environmental health issues such as dumped rubbish
  • prostitution


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Make a complaint

Make an ASB or noise complaint

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August 1, 2023