Civic Pride

Haringey - be proud of where you live

Haringey is such a great place to live, work and visit and we want everyone to take more care and pride in their neighbourhoods.

Our new civic pride campaign will tackle environmental issues but will also highlight what makes Haringey great. We want everyone to play their part in looking after their own homes and businesses and show respect for others, other people's property, and encourage others to behave considerately, so that we all become ambassadors for Haringey.

We hope that people enjoy the campaign and that it creates a feeling of belonging and a stronger sense of shared ownership of Haringey across all sections of the community, leading to a willingness to behave in ways which improve life in the borough for everyone.

We want to get people to take pride in where they live and work, and by working in partnership with the council take responsibility for the look and cleanliness of the borough and the environment they live in.

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Phase one - Littering and fly-tipping

The first phase of the campaign will tackle Fly-tipping and Litter. We know that these are of high concern for residents, and the costs associated with cleaning the borough can run into the millions, which is money that could go towards providing other services to those that need them the most. We will explain to people that it is a crime to fly-tip and if you are caught you will receive a hefty £400 fine.

Littering is also a problem in Haringey, and we want to encourage people to keep the place clean, by using bins or taking rubbish home with them rather than littering on the streets. If people are caught littering this also comes with a £150 fine - quite a lot for dropping a cigarette butt!

Take a look at our phase one campaign posters:

Phase two - Parks and open spaces

The second phase of our civic pride campaign is parks and open spaces. Our parks are fantastic places to relax, play and enjoy with friends and family, and we want everyone to enjoy them. As well as providing much needed green space in the city, many of our parks include recreational areas such as basketball courts, outdoor gyms, tennis court and even a boating lake. Twenty-two of our parks have Green Flag status, making them some of the best in the country.

If you’re out and about enjoying one of Haringey’s parks, use #IAmHaringey and let us know about it.

Take a look at our phase two campaign posters:

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20 August 2019

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