Control of dogs in public


PSPOs were introduced under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.  

They are intended to deal with nuisance or anti-social behaviour that: 

  • takes place in a particular area  
  • is detrimental to the local community’s quality of life 

We recognise that most dog owners are responsible and respectful to their local community. 

However, we do receive complaints about dog fouling and the behaviour of some dogs.  

Haringey has a PSPO covering: 

  • dog fouling 
  • dogs on leads 
  • areas where dogs cannot go 
  • most number of dogs that can be walked at one time 

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Dog fouling  

You must pick up your dog’s poo.  

You must have an appropriate way to do this.  

This can be: 

  • poop scoop bags 
  • disposal bags 
  • other suitable container 

It cannot be a: 

  • trouser, coat or other pocket 
  • handbag, sports bag or rucksack 
  • purse 

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Dogs on leads 

In all areas of Haringey, your dog must be kept on a lead no longer than 2 metres, except when: 

  • in a park larger than half a hectare 
  • in a green burial area 
  • the landowner, occupier or person in charge of the land has given permission 

Asked to put your dog on a lead 

If you are in an area where your dog doesn’t have to be on a lead, you must do so if asked by a Haringey authorised officer. 

This may be to prevent a nuisance or behaviour by the dog likely to cause annoyance or disturbance to: 

  • a person 
  • another animal 

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Areas dogs cannot go 

You dog is not allowed at all in the following clearly signed areas: 

  • children's play areas  
  • multi-use games areas  
  • sport and recreational facilities like ball courts, pitches, pool areas   
  • sensitive areas or specific horticultural areas within parks  

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Number of dogs walked 

One person can walk 6 dogs at most at one time. 

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Offences and fines 

As a dog owner you must follow the PSPO. 

If not, you are liable for a £100 fixed penalty notice fine unless: 

  • the landowner, occupier or person in charge of the land gives you permission 
  • you have a reasonable excuse for not complying 
  • you are exempt because you: 
    • are registered as a blind person 
    • have a disability which affects your mobility, physical coordination, ability to use your hands or ability to lift, carry or otherwise move everyday objects 
    • have a registered assistance dog 

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Anti-social behaviour enforcement team:  

020 8489 1000

  • Monday – 9am to 5pm  
  • Tuesday – 9am to 5pm  
  • Wednesday – 10am to 5pm  
  • Thursday – 9am to 5pm  
  • Friday – 9am to 5pm 

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Page last updated:

October 24, 2022