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Inspire, Explore, Prepare Framework 

A Careers Education Framework to get students to start thinking about themselves and their futures, particularly in relation to Haringey and the opportunities that it offers.


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Higher Education Related PowerPoint Presentations

Further independent learning activities/ideas

  • Biography File: students research the life story of a role model, put this into a PowerPoint or storyboard
  • My Dream Wheel: students design a graphic, visual wheel to get them to think about where they want to be in 5 years’ time, then 10 years, and so on
  • Famous Locals: students use the internet to research a famous or successful person, past or present who was born or lived in Haringey
  • What’s Missing: students research a chosen career and use their CV to start identifying what skills and qualifications they will need in the future
  • Develop your Idea: formalise a business idea into a business plan. Identify the risks involved, who your customers will be. Put together an action plan to help you with this

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October 3, 2022