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Maintained schools are required to comply with the Local Authority’s Scheme for Financing Schools which includes the Financial Regulations for Schools. We can help and train schools’ leaders on financial management to ensure that schools comply with the School Financial Procedures Manual.

We can work with a school based on a service level agreement that suits their specific needs, whether this is offering crucial support at the year end, or more regular input as part of a wider financial support package.

Most of our services are covered under statutory core services to schools at no additional cost. However, to help schools to manage their budget effectively we have now a dedicated team to provide high quality, professional, value-for-money services to schools on a traded service offer.

Our advisers are suitably qualified and have experience of over 10 years working within the education sector to provide school leaders with strategic support to help manage their budget effectively.

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For more information about the services we offer please contact us using the following:

Tel: 020 8489 4491

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24 June 2020