School Catchment Areas

  • Haringey secondary schools, and the majority of Haringey primary schools, do not have catchment areas

The area that a school serves is determined by the admission criteria and where the children who are admitted come from. The area that children come from changes from year to year depending on the applications received. This is why in one year a child may be admitted to a school, but the next year, a child living in the same road may live too far away to be offered a place.

Cut-off distances

We publish online the furthest distances at which children could be offered places at Haringey schools under the distance criterion in previous years. This is known as that school's cut-off distance. Please remember that although this information can be used to give you an idea of how likely it is that you will be offered a place at your preferred school, this ‘furthest distance’ will change every year. We can never guarantee any child will be offered a place at any school.

Find your nearest school

If you are a Haringey resident, then you can use our distance calculator to measure the distance from your home to Haringey schools.

Measure your distance to schools

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February 28, 2022