In-year admission to school

If your child was born between:

  • 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2019 - they must be in primary education from September 2023
  • 1 September 2007 and 31 August 2012 - they must be in secondary education from September 2023

You should apply for a school using our in-year form below if:

  • your child is school-aged but does not have a current school place, or
  • you wish to transfer them from their current school into a Haringey school

    Moving into Haringey

    We cannot reserve school places in advance, so if you and your children are moving into to Haringey, do not submit an in-year application any earlier than two weeks before your children arrive.

    Remember to include on your application:

    • Your children's current address
    • Your children's new address
    • Their planned move date

    When your children arrive in Haringey you should let us know they are here and ready to start school. This will mean we can process your application correctly.

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    Important things to consider before applying

    Moving your child from one primary or secondary school to another is a big decision for you and for your child.

    You should consider the following before you make your decision:

    1. Why are you moving your child? Can you resolve any concerns you have with the school without moving your child?
    2. How will your child cope with learning new rules and having to do things differently, or possibly having missed important work? Children who transfer schools after their exam subjects have been chosen in Year 9 may find that they can’t do the same subjects, or that the exam board and courses are different.
    3. If your child has brothers or sisters at the same school, transferring one child may affect their siblings.
    4. Will it be difficult for you to have children attending different schools? For example with drop-off at the beginning of the day or pick-up in the afternoon, or because the schools have different term dates?

    Keep in mind that most schools in Haringey are full and we may not be able to offer you the school that you want.

    To make sure that you are taking the decision in the best interests of your child we recommend that you sit down with your child and ask them whether or not they want to move to another school. If they tell you that they are being bullied or not getting on with other pupils, you should speak to your child’s Form Tutor or Head of Year first, to resolve any problems your child may be having.

    If you’ve done this and still have concerns, or are unhappy about the way the school is dealing with your concerns, you should make an appointment to speak to the headteacher of the school.

    Please remember, a decision to move a child from one school to another should not be taken without careful consideration.

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      How to apply

      1. Read about schools and how to apply in the Primary School Admissions Booklet (PDF, 6MB) and Secondary School Admissions Booklet (PDF, 5MB)
      2. Find your local schools using Haringey's Distance Calculator
      3. If you are intending to move to Haringey, do not submit an in-year application until two weeks before your move.
      4. If you are applying under the Social and Medical Criterion, complete our Social and Medical Form.
      5. Apply online:

      Apply Online

      • If you have already completed this form within the last month, and you wish to report a change of circumstances or would like to change your school preferences, please do not complete a new form, but instead email the School Admissions team:
      • If your child already has a completed Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), contact the SEND team instead of applying here.
      • If you are applying for faith schools, don't forget to complete their Supplementary Information Forms (SIFs) as well and send them to the school before the application deadline.

      If you would like to apply for a school outside Haringey, please contact the local authority the school is located in for details on how to apply.

      If you cannot apply online you can email or call the number below to have a paper form posted to you.

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      Responding to your offer

      Your child's offer of a school place will be emailed to you. You should respond online using the information provided with your offer:

      Respond online

      Alternatively, you can respond in writing to the email below.

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      Waiting lists

      If we are not able to offer your child a place at one of your preferred schools then they will be placed on a waiting list for the school. You can check their waiting list position online.

      It can take up to 15 school days to process an application, so your child will not appear on waiting lists immediately after you have submitted an application.

      Check your child's Waiting List position

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      More information

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      Contact the Admissions Service

      Tel: 020 8489 1000


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      Page last updated:

      August 30, 2023