Applying Under the Social Medical Criterion

All schools in Haringey have experience in dealing with children with diverse social and medical needs. However, there may be exceptional cases where there are compelling reasons why a child needs to attend one specific school. In these cases, when you apply for a school place, you can apply under the Social Medical Criterion.

Children considered under this criterion can be prioritised for admission to one specific school, and if there are no places available then these children can be prioritised on the school's waiting list. Full details of Haringey schools' admissions criteria can be found in the  Primary School Admissions Booklet (PDF, 7MB) and the Secondary School Admissions Booklet (PDF, 5MB)

How to Apply

For your application to be considered under this criterion you must:

  1. Apply for a school place
    • You must remember to select the Social Medical Criterion option when submitting your application.
  2. Provide written evidence from a doctor, social worker or other independent professional
    • You must submit this evidence before the application deadline. You can submit it with your school application or by email. Evidence submitted after the deadline will not be considered until after National Offer Day.
  3. Complete and submit Haringey's  Social Medical Request Form (PDF, 67KB) and return to

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Providing Evidence

For your application to be considered under the social medical criterion you must provide written evidence from a doctor, social worker or other independent professional.

In each case, the connection between your child’s need and the specific school must be made and you must clearly demonstrate why this one specific school can meet your child’s needs in a way that no other school can. Evidence relating to the social or medical circumstances of the parent can be considered, but only if this impacts on the child and their need to attend one specific school.

Please provide evidence by the application deadline (31 October for Secondary Transfer or 15 January for Reception and Junior Transfer). Any evidence submitted following the application deadline will not be considered until after National Offer Day (in March for Secondary Transfer and in April for Reception and Junior Transfer. See the Primary/Secondary admission pages for current dates).

Priority under this criterion can only be given for one specific school but we still recommend that you do list 6 schools on your application form to maximize your chances of securing one of your preferences. We may have to share the information you have provided with the offered school.

A panel of officers will determine whether the evidence provided is sufficiently compelling to meet the above requirements. You will be notified of the panel’s decision in writing and the letter will indicate which criterion we will use to process your application. All Haringey schools have experience in dealing with children with diverse social and medical needs, and so your case must be clearly exceptional in order to be considered under this criterion.

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Contact the Admissions Service

School Admissions Team

Tel: 020 8489 1000


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Page last updated:

February 28, 2022

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