School Admissions

Summer Fun 2019! There is an extensive programme of activities running in Haringey for children and young people during the summer holiday.

Important updates on school admissions, waiting lists and school offers.

Important information

Please note that the system is currently suspended and all waiting lists are being refreshed whilst we wait for expressions of continuing interests from parent/carers who genuinely want to remain on school waiting lists. If you would like to remain on a waiting list for a higher preferred school, please complete the online In-Year application form. You will have already been sent an email with this information. 

Please note: school offers will not be made until the beginning of September. We will ensure that anyone moving to Haringey requesting a school place will receive notification of their offer as early as possible. Please make an in-year application using the link above if you have moved into Haringey and your child does not currently have a school place. 

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21 August 2019