Raising Black Caribbean and BAME Achievement

Children and young people in Haringey attend some of the best schools in the country, with strong outcomes from early years to post-16. However, not all groups share equally in this success and Haringey has the biggest gap in the country between White British and BAME, especially Black Caribbean, attainment for children and young people.

Read Haringey's Black Caribbean and BAME Achievement Strategy (PDF, 861KB) for full details of how these issues affect children and young people in Haringey, as well as the work and resources being put in place by to close the gaps between different ethnic groups so that all succeed as well as the highest performing groups.

Why it matters to Haringey

  • Underachievement of any group of our pupils matters to us
  • Every child, regardless of their race, class, religion or culture deserves - and can achieve - an excellent education
  • There are still additional barriers to achievement based on ethnicity, which must be tackled, including institutional racism
  • Black Caribbean children have been in our schools for at least 70 years yet consistently achieve less than their peers and are excluded more frequently
  • Haringey has the largest Turkish speaking community of any local authority in the country
  • The underachievement of these groups of young people represents a waste of talent and an increased cost to the borough

We cannot say we have succeeded until success is shared by all.

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Committing to change

Closing the gaps is an urgent task and requires a level of focus far beyond our current ways of working. We are expecting all Haringey schools to publicly sign up to the following pledge to address Black Caribbean and BAME underachievement.

My school is committed to closing the gap for our Black Caribbean and BAME children and young people.

This will entail a commitment to:

  • Targeting ambitious outcomes
  • Leaders and governors taking a whole school approach
  • Transparent reporting and sharing data
  • Working together in new ways and sharing good practice
  • Holding each other to account

Haringey Education Partnership (external link) and Haringey Council will support, challenge and hold to account, including reporting annually to Cabinet on the progress that is being made.

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Page last updated:

February 28, 2022