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Special schools and education

Education and school options for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and/or an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP)

Mainstream Schools

  • Under the Children and Families Act 2014, children and young people with SEND have the right to be educated in a mainstream school if they or their parents choose. 
  • Mainstream schools cannot refuse a child's admission based on the complexity of their needs or disabilities. 
  • The Local Authority (Haringey) can only refuse if they can prove that a mainstream placement would not be compatible with the efficient education of others and that there are no reasonable steps the Local Authority can take to avoid this. 
  • Parents and young people have the right to request mainstream education. However, they do not have the right to an automatic placement at a specific mainstream school or setting. 

For mainstream school admission, visit the SEND Admission webpage.

Children WITH Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs)

  • Most children with an EHCP are educated in mainstream schools or settings. 
  • For a child to be placed in a special school or specialist unit within a mainstream school, the Local Authority must agree that it is the most suitable provision for the child's needs. 

Visit the EHCP webpage for more information.

Children WITHOUT Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs)

  • Children without an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) must be educated in a mainstream school, except for home-schooling or parents choosing to pay for independent schooling.   
  • In rare cases, a child without an EHCP may be offered a place in a special school with parental consent and mainly for assessment purposes, the young person's consent will be required if they are 16 or older and have capacity. 

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Special Schools in Haringey 

Special schools typically provide education for children between the ages of 3 and 16. However, certain special schools also accommodate young people up to 19. 

Blanche Nevile School for the Deaf

Blanche Nevile School for the Deaf provides a high-quality education for deaf and hearing-impaired children from all areas of London. It is co-located with Highgate and Fortismere Mainstream Schools and offers a unique signed bilingual model of communication for children who are deaf or hearing impaired. 

The Brook on Broadwaters

The Brook on Broadwaters is for pupils aged 4 - 11 years and specialises in co-educational day school provision for children with Autism (ASC), ADHD, profound, severe and complex learning difficulties plus associated physical, sensory, medical, communication and emotional needs.

The Grove School 

The Grove School is a specialist school in Haringey which caters for pupils aged 5 to 19 who have a primary diagnosis of autism. Many pupils have additional needs including, speech and language difficulties or difficulties associated with social communication. The school offers educational pathways for pupils who are working within the semi-formal curriculum through to GCSE examinations.  

Mulberry Specialist Autism Unit 

Mulberry Specialist Autism Unit is a specialist unit for primary age children with Autism within Mulberry Mainstream School. This school offers specialist teaching and daily access to mainstream peers and mainstream curriculum. Your child's specific needs will determine the level of integration they receive. 

Riverside Secondary School

Riverside is a co-educational maintained secondary special school located on the same site Woodside High School. 

Students at Riverside experience a wide range of learning challenges, from the highest functioning to the most complex, including general, moderate, complex, severe and profound and multiple learning difficulties. Most students transition to college at year 11, but a small cohort stays at Riverside for their Post-16 years, where they also take a range of accredited courses. 

The Vale 

Vale School is a special day school catering for pupils from 2-16 years-old with a range of special educational needs including; physical disabilities, medical conditions, sensory impairments, learning difficulties, developmental delay, communication difficulties. 

Vale school is situated on 4 mainstream school sites: 

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Independent and Non-maintained Schools by Haringey 

Independent schools are usually privately run for profit. Charitable organisations generally manage non-maintained schools and are not profit-making. Neither are maintained/overseen by local authorities.  Schools are inspected by Ofsted who write reports and issue grades. 

Non-maintained schools

Independent special schools 

Approved independent special institutions

The approved independent special institutions listed under Section 41 by the government (external link) include independent special schools in England and Wales and special post-16 institutions.  

When placing a child in a school, we prioritise choosing one near their home. However, if we are unable to meet your child's needs in a Haringey special school, we may arrange for them to attend a special school in another borough to ensure they receive the necessary support. All school placements are discussed and agreed upon with you. 

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Schools in neighbouring boroughs 

Here is a list of neighbouring boroughs to Haringey, along with links to their respective Local Offer websites. 

Alternative Provision 

  • When a child faces permanent exclusion or requires support beyond the school setting, schools can arrange Alternative Provision (AP). 
  • Alternative Provision encompasses non-mainstream, academy, special, or private/independent educational establishments. 
  • Examples of Alternative Provision are Pupil Referral Units and Medical Needs/Tuition Services.  

If you have concerns about your child's behaviour at school or believe they may benefit from Alternative Provision, connect with your school's Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), who plays a vital role in supporting students with diverse learning needs and can help you access the appropriate support and resources. 

Haringey Virtual School for Looked After and Previously Looked After children 

The Virtual School is a valuable resource that supports and encourages everyone involved in educating children in care. It actively promotes national and local initiatives to enhance the educational achievements of these children 

Education for students 16+

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