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The language of photography

I take my own pictures of the nursery.

Photography enables young children to explore and communicate their ideas about the world; their interests, feelings, fascinations, questions preoccupations and more.

Over the summer term, children at Stonecroft nursery school have spent time exploring their environment through photography. With repeated opportunities to use the camera, their interests and lines of enquiry have emerged.

Children are naturally curious; they use the camera to look from different viewpoints - to look up, down, in and through. They focus the camera on details, objects, spaces, places and those important to them. They often photograph their feet.

The children spent time at the computer looking at and describing their photographs before choosing the ones they liked most. These are some of the photographs the children chose as the ones they like best. 

The children’s photographs are fascinating and full of surprises. Through the children’s photographs, we get to see the world through their eyes.

Photo 1

Stonecroft photo 1

That’s our museum, animals go on it. See dinosaur bones, animals upstairs.

Photo 2

Stonecroft photo 2

I can fill this up.

Photo 3

Stonecroft photo 3

I make the garden light. A tent.

Photo 4

Stonecroft photo 4

The bees can hide in the beehouse, they are friendly bees and they can visit us.

Photo 5

Stonecroft photo 5

I love climbing the slide.

Photo 6

Stonecroft photo 6

I love the spyhole, I like peeking through. I can see a van.

Photo 7

Stonecroft photo 7

I love the bridge. On the bridge, we play monster truck games, go fast.

Photo 8

Stonecroft photo 8

I like the flowers. I did a perfect picture no one is walking past. Pink, white and pink.

Photo 9

Stonecroft photo 9

I love the bees getting nectar.

Photo 10

Stonecroft photo 10

Sky, look up.

Photo 11

Stonecroft photo 11

My new shoes, my ballet skirt.

Photo 12

Stonecroft photo 12

Birthday cake.

Photo 13

Stonecroft photo 13

Climbing the slide, I can see his shoes.

Photo 14

Stonecroft photo 14


Photo 15

Stonecroft photo 15

A shadow, my shadow.

Photo 16

Stonecroft photo 16


Photo 17

Stonecroft photo 17

I see a train, that’s my train. Spiderman.

Photo 18

Stonecroft photo 18

The water comes.

Photo 19

Stonecroft photo 19

A bridge, we play monster trucks games.

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February 8, 2023