Selling to the council

We provide a range of services to our communities, and buy a wide variety of goods, services, works and utilities. To help with this, contracts are established for use across the council via the Haringey Procurement and Contract System (HPCS) or one of our established Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS).

How contract opportunities are advertised

Haringey Procurement and Contract System (HPCS) for all non DPS related services

The HPCS portal (external link) is where the council advertises future procurement opportunities. Suppliers who have actively been trading with Haringey over the past 18 months will already be registered, however you will not be able to access the system until you have received logon credentials or completed the registration process. If you are new to the council, please complete the online registration to receive procurement opportunities pertinent to you.

During the registration process you will be asked to select the categories of Goods, Works or Services you can provide and tender for. This will enable your organisation to receive alerts for council contract opportunities that are pertinent to you as they become available within these categories.

We use the Pro-Class procurement categorisation list (external link).

Guidance for New Supplier Registration:

Guidance for Suppliers' who wish to tender for Open Tender Opportunities:

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Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)

The DPS is used for the following categories:

Professional services and minor works

Care services

Temporary Accommodation

  • Emergency accommodation
  • Private sector leasing
  • Managed private sector leasing
  • Bed and breakfast



  • Sports coaching


  • Special Education Needs (SEN)
  • Taxi services

The DPS enables suppliers to go through an accreditation process to ensure they are suitably qualified to provided these services. This will enable suppliers to bid for opportunities within the category throughout the life of the DPS (unless suspended), without having to keep going through an accreditation process.

Our DPS partner site is where you will be able to access information relating to our DPS solutions: Haringey DPS solutions (external link).

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Contract Finder

Contact Finder (external link) is a central repository for all public sector opportunities to be advertised.

Please note: not all opportunities above £10,000 need to be advertised as indicated on Contract Finder - the regulations make provision for local arrangements to take precedent. In respect of Haringey, we advertise the majority of non DPS contract opportunities over £160,000 on Contract Finder (external link).

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Find a Tender Service

Find a Tender has replaced the EU’s Tenders Electronic Daily from 1 January 2021 for high value contracts in the UK. Certain contacts from public sector organisations, which are valued above the current applicable thresholds, must be advertised  via Find a Tender Service (external link).

Common Contract Notices (advertisement) Thresholds 1st January 2022:


Tendering Thresholds


New Threshold (inc VAT)

Goods & Services




Concession Contracts


Light Touch


Haringey Council uses Find a Tender Service to advertise these opportunities, which are also advertised on Contract Finder (see above).

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The Legal Framework

When procuring, officers must work within a strict framework of legislation and processes. This includes:

  • Public Contract Regulations 2015 and associated case law
  • National legislation, such as the UK Local Government Acts 1999 and 2000
  • Council Contract Standing Orders, which are part of Haringey Council’s Constitution

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Council Standard Terms and Conditions

The council’s standard terms and conditions are as follows:

The council may adopt more comprehensive forms contracts from time to time to support specific requirements - these will be attached to the opportunity when advertised.

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Page last updated:

April 4, 2023