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Licensing extension for the coronation weekend 5 - 7 May

The Order for extended hours to celebrate the King's coronation has become law. Please read the guidance below for details

The Licensing Act 2003 (Coronation Licensing Hours) Order 2023 provides for an extension of licensing hours for premises licences and club premises certificates during the celebration period from Friday 5 to Sunday 7 May 2023.

The Order permits a 2-hour extension of licensable activities from 11pm until 1am, but only if the existing hours authorised on the licence or certificate already immediately precede or continue into the extended period.

So, if your licence is authorised until 10.30pm, you will not benefit from this extension. Equally, premises already licensed until midnight will only benefit from the additional hour from midnight until 1am. Those premises with licences or certificates that already extend to 1am or beyond will see no benefit from this Order.

All licensable activities already authorised on a licence or certificate are extended until 1am.

Please note: the hours for off sales of alcohol are not extended. Therefore, if you have a beer garden or terrace that is not part of your licensed area, the Order does not extend to off sales in these areas. Similarly ‘off’ licences are excluded from the extension of hours.

Premises that only provide late-night refreshment (for example takeaways and delivery operations) will not benefit from the extension unless they are also authorised for the sale or supply of alcohol for consumption on the premises.

Licence conditions will continue to apply during the extended hours.

It is advisable to still observe and apply a drinking up time/winding down period of 30 minutes before the 1am extension.

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What is a premises licence? 

You need a premises licence to: 

  • sell or supply alcohol 
  • provide regulated entertainment 
  • provide late night refreshment 

The sale or supply of alcohol 

You will need a licence to: 

  • sell alcohol by retail 
  • supply alcohol to members of a club 

You need a licence whether or not your customers consume the alcohol on or off the premises. 

Regulated entertainment 

Regulated entertainment is one of the following: 

  • a performance of a play 
  • an exhibition of a film 
  • an indoor sporting event 
  • a boxing or wrestling entertainment (indoors or outdoors) 
  • a performance of live music 
  • a performance of dance 
  • any playing of recorded music 

If you aren’t sure if you need a premises licence for entertainment, please check the entertainment licensing guidance (external link)

Late night refreshment 

Late night refreshment is hot food and drink supplied to members of the public:

  • between 11pm and 5am 
  • consumed on or off the premises 

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Responsibilities of a premises licence holder  

Before applying for a premises licence, it’s important to understand your responsibilities as a licence holder. 

You’ll be expected to uphold 4 equally important licensing objectives: 

  • the prevention of crime and disorder 
  • public safety 
  • the prevention of public nuisance 
  • the protection of children from harm 

Find out more about being a responsible licensee


You must be: 

  • 18 or over 
  • have the right to work in the UK 


The fee depends on your rateable value. Check the rateable value (external link) of your premises if you’re unsure. 

Please see our table of fees

What you need to provide 

Your application must include: 

Online application form  

You must include your supporting documents with your online application. 

We accept the following file types: 

  • doc, docx, jpeg, jpg, jpe, pdf, png, tiff, tif 

You can pay by credit/debit card or PayPal. 

Keep a note of your application reference as you may need it for other licences you apply for. 

Before applying, we recommend reading the premises licence guidance notes (external link)

Apply for a premises licence online

Paper application form  

If you prefer, you can download and complete the application form:

We will contact you to take payment over the phone.  

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After applying 

Your application will go through a 28-day consultation process. 

During that time you must: 

  • advertise your application 
  • notify responsible authorities (only if application form is posted) 

Advertising your application 

Applications for a premises licence must be advertised by putting: 

  • a notice on the premises 
  • an announcement in a local newspaper 

Please see the instructions and template:

Notifying responsible authorities 

If you post your application form to us, you must send copies of your application to the relevant responsible authorities

Processing your application 

At the end of the 28-day consultation period, you will be given the licence if: 

  • there are no outstanding objections 
  • all requirements are met 

If you haven’t heard from us after the 28-day consultation period, tacit consent applies. This means you can act as if the premises licence has been granted. 

If objections are made to your application 

We’ll let you know if we receive any objections to your application. 

Applications with outstanding objections are taken to the next available Licensing Sub Committee. 

The Licensing Sub Committee will consider the objections and make a decision within 20 working days from the end of the consultation period. 

You can appeal licensing decisions

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Duration of a premises licence 

Once approved, your premises licence is valid for the life of the premises, unless stated otherwise. 

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Annual fee 

You need to pay a fee for your premises licence each year. This should be paid on the anniversary of being granted the licence. 

We may send you an invoice each year to pay this. 

Please see the table of fees.

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Premises that are currently being built or altered 

You can apply for a provisional statement while your premises are: 

  • being built 
  • extended 
  • about to be extended or altered 



Application form

Please complete the application form (external link)

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020 8489 8232 


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Page last updated:

May 3, 2023

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