Premises licence and club premises certificate fees

The following fees are for: 

  • new applications 
  • applications to vary a licence 
  • annual renewal  

The fee depends on your rateable value, which is separated into bands.

Check the rateable value and band (external link) of your premises if you’re unsure which one you're in. 

Table: Fees

Non-domestic rateable value £0-£4,300 £4,301-£33,000 £33,001-£87,000 £87,001-£125,000 £125,001 and over 
Premises licence & club premises certificate fees
New & vary applications (inc 1st year charge) £100 £190 £315 £450 £635
Annual charge (due on anniversary) £70 £180 £295 £320 £350 
Premises licence only 
A multiplier will be applied to premises in bands D and E where they are exclusively or primarily in the business of selling alcohol (mainly large town and city centre pubs).
Band   D (x2) E (x3) 
City/town pub application fee    £900 £1,905 
City/town pub annual charge   £640 £1,050 


Contact the licensing team on:

020 8489 8232 


Page last updated:

March 13, 2023