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National Consumer Week 2021 - 6 December to 12 December 2021 

Citizens Advice (external link) and Haringey Council are encouraging people to 'be wise to being green'. It’s important that we take steps to be more environmentally friendly, like making our homes more energy-efficient and installing energy technologies like solar panels. It can save money in the long run, and it’s good for the environment. It’s also an important part of how we can meet our UK climate change target.

We are raising awareness of how people can protect themselves from misleading energy efficiency and environmental claims, such as 'green scams' and rogue traders. By following the advice consumers can arm themselves with the knowledge and confidence they need to make the best decisions.

What are some of the main issues?

  • Scams related to home energy improvements, eg fraudulent traders or scammers pretending to offer government grants
  • Mis-selling of energy improvement services or goods, including pressure selling of goods and services that might not be appropriate for the consumer
  • Greenwashing or companies making misleading claims made by companies on a wider cross-market basis

Citizens Advice top 3 messages to consumers

  1. It’s important for us to make eco-friendly decisions as we work towards net zero, and that includes things like making our homes more energy efficient. But it’s also important that you can take these steps in a safe and secure way. By following the advice you can equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence you need to make the best decisions
  2. There are some misleading claims out there, so here are some things you need to look out for when making these decisions:
    • Scams
    • Pressure selling and misselling
    • Greenwashing
  3. Sometimes things still go wrong, and if they do, we’re here to help. Contact the consumer service or visit their advice pages for more support

A full messaging document, including top tips for consumers, is available on the Citizens Advice - National Consumer Week Page (external link).

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Fair Trading for Haringey

Helping consumers and businesses

Haringey’s trading standards service is responsible for protecting consumers and businesses by ensuring a safe and fair trading environment. Our areas of work include product safety, weights and measures, underage sales, anti-counterfeiting and investigating unfair trading practices

What we can do

We enforce trading standards legislation and offer free advice to business on how to comply with trading standards legislation.

We also run a responsible retailer scheme to help businesses prevent the sale of age restricted goods and illicit tobacco and alcohol.

What we can't do

We do not offer consumer advice - this is available from Citizens Advice Consumer Service (external link).

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Consumer Protection laws

We enforce a wide range of legislation, which covers:



Further Information

More information on the work of Haringey Trading Standards including Latest News, advice on Doorstep Selling and our Responsible Trader Scheme is available in this section - see the topic headings on the left.

If you want more information on our work plan and priorities see our Service Standards - Trading Standards (PDF 237KB).

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