Haringey Works Business Support

Haringey Council provides a free business recruitment service through the Haringey Works - Employment and Skills Team.

Based in Wood Green, Haringey Works - liaises closely both with businesses looking to recruit as well as individuals searching for employment.

A dedicated Employment Support Officer will work with your business to understand your recruitment needs and the nature of the candidates you require. Your requirements and job description will then be assessed against the pool of candidates Haringey Works is currently working with; equipping them with the practical skills needed to work effectively.

In addition to support with the candidate search and actual recruitment process, Haringey Works also provide free in-work support and advice for up to 12 months. This ensures a continued close working relationship between the Haringey Works team and your employee to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes are achieved and maintained for all.

Please see below the contact details for the Haringey Works team:

Email: works@haringey.gov.uk

Phone: 020 8489 2969 | 020 8489 2852

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Page last updated:

November 22, 2022