Haringey’s Good Economy Recovery Plan


Haringey's good economy recovery plan

Supporting our local businesses and high streets has always been a priority for the council.

Our aim is to grow a Good Economy in Haringey – where everyone benefits.

Since March 2020, the council has been working closely with our business community and local partners to provide support and advice to help local people through this COVID- 19 pandemic.

We’re already starting to see the dramatic economic impact of COVID-19 across Haringey, with an expected increase in vacant properties on our high streets, significant impacts on sectors like hospitality and the creative industry, as well as an anticipated rise in unemployment levels. 

And we know that these impacts are disproportionally affecting some of our already most vulnerable residents, furthering widening the inequalities gap. 

Following engagement with our business community and local partners, the council is publishing Haringey's Good Economy Recovery Plan (PDF, 2.7MB)

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Key priorities

This is a 12 to 18-month immediate plan with 4 key priorities. These are: 

  • Re-open and support our high streets and town centres

  • Support businesses through recovery and into renewal

  • Support residents into work and training

  • Secure social and economic value through investment in our neighbourhoods and communities

Throughout the Plan, there will be a focus on jobs, securing a green recovery, and embracing technology.

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The High Streets Recovery Action Plan

High Streets Recovery Action PlanAlongside Haringey's Good Economy Recovery Plan, we’re also launching our High Streets Recovery Action Plan (PDF, 935KB), focusing on specific support for our high streets and town centres across the borough.

We know COVID-19 isn’t going away and we know we will have to be resilient and agile, ensuring that our plans are flexible to cope with potential future lockdowns.

However, we are committed to working together, with our local business community, our residents, and partners to come back stronger with a Good Economy for Haringey, where we create a fairer and more equal community where everyone can prosper and thrive.

We welcome the support of local partners as we work together to deliver Haringey's Good Economy Recovery Plan.

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 The Employment and Skills Recovery Action Plan

Front Cover of Employment and Skills Recovery Plan

With the current highest rate of universal credit claims for unemployment in London, there is no doubt that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on Haringey’s Labour Market.

As part of our Good Economy Recovery Plan, we listed ‘Supporting residents back into work and training’ as one of our top priorities.

We have therefore launched our Employment and Skills Recovery Action Plan (PDF, 3MB) which outlines how we as a council will work with local partners in using a person-centred, strength-based approach to ensure Haringey residents get the right support at the right time.

We know that the impacts of COVID-19 will be felt for a long time. However, we are committed to working collaboratively and we welcome the support of our local partners as we work together to deliver this Employment and Skills Recovery Plan. 

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What our partners are saying

Maria Kane, Chief Executive, North Middlesex University Hospital

North Middlesex University Hospital is located and anchored in the heart of the community we serve and most of our staff live locally. As a hospital, everything we do aims to provide outstanding care for our patients, but good health and wellbeing are not just about NHS and care services. Good health and wellbeing come from every aspect of our lives, environment, wealth and society. The quality of our education, employment, housing, neighbourhoods, friendships, relationships, families, jobs, safety, food and air are among the many things that influence our health, happiness and wellbeing. As the local hospital and anchor institution, we aim to work with our partners to improve these wider determinants of health, and to reduce the profound inequalities that currently exist.

Rob Burns, Ten87

Heartening to see the Council’s very real commitment to the creative industries and the important role the sector plays in Haringey evidenced in the (recently published) Good Economy Plan. Ten87 very much looks forward to working with the council and partners through recovery to ensure the sector’s continued growth into the future.

Rob Tao, Acting Chair, Haringey Business Alliance

This is a thoughtful roadmap to help and to guide businesses to recovery from Covid-19 and its economic impact.

Helena Farstad, Stroud Green Road Traders Association

Whilst the Coronavirus has turned our worlds upside down, it has also provided us with a much needed chance to stop, reflect and question ourselves what a truly sustainable economy needs to look like. As local, independent businesses or indeed larger organisations, we all need to reassess what our purpose is, what value we generate and what we contribute to our local communities and society at large.

Paul Collins, Manager, Wood Green BID (Business Improvement District

Future Wood Green Business Improvement District (BID) was extremely pleased when it was asked by the Council, very early on, to represent businesses who are challenged by the difficulties of trading to participate in developing the Good Economic Recovery plan led by Haringey Council. Its timely response is a positive step forward to engage and support local businesses to help them grow and overcome this very difficult period. Future Wood Green BID expresses its thanks to all those who have contributed and we look forward to supporting the Council in delivering the plan to help the businesses in Haringey become stronger and sustainable for the future.

Siobhan Harrington, Chief Executive, Whittington Health NHS Trust

We are delighted to be a partner with Haringey and other organisations in this work, and believe that together we can make a huge difference to the people in Haringey through local employment, mentoring, procurement, and supporting our communities to live healthier lives. We employ over 4,500 staff in our community and hospital services and we are proud that many of them are local.

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June 16, 2023