Touch and Pay scheme in Haringey

Did you know that cashless payments overtook the use of notes and coins in 2015?

Allowing your customers to pay by card is an easy way to improve customer experience and increase your sales. Choosing a solution for your business to accept card payments can be a daunting process, with many factors to consider including charges.

Impartial advice

Haringey Council have appointed acceptcards to support the borough’s business communities. They are the UK’s largest independent payment broker and have access to dozens of providers covering all aspects of accepting card payments.

They will be able to provide you with impartial advice to ensure your business has access to the right solution and at the most competitive pricing. 

They can offer support on:

  • Online payments through your website 
  • Contactless and Chip & Pin for customer present payments 
  • Telephone and mail order payments
  • Secure pay by link for your invoices sent out by email 
  • Pay and order by mobile phone app 
  • Integrating payments into point of service systems

New to card payments?

If you’re starting a business or have never taken card payment before, talk to the team about your requirements and they will be able to advise what solution will work best for you and your business and be on hand to provide any additional support and advice as your requirements change.

Reviewing and switching

If you are already taking card payments, acceptcards will conduct a bespoke review that shows you a like for like comparison with an alternative provider with analysis that is clear, accurate and transparent. On average they save businesses 40% when switching.

Get in touch 

If you would like free and impartial advice on all things card payment related, contact the team at:

Page last updated:

January 9, 2023