Payment of Supplier Invoices

Please note:

All invoices submitted to the council must be in Electronic Format, quoting a valid Purchase Order Number.

Failure to provide a valid Purchase Order number on all invoices submitted will result in significant delays to payments and the council will not be held liable for any late payment penalties.

Invoices must be submitted for payment to:

All payments will be made as per our agreed Payment Terms and Conditions.

It is essential that each email submission:

  • Contains only one invoice per attachment (as multiple invoices in a single attachment will not be accepted)
  • Meets the quality standards to ensure that it can be scanned by the system
  • Contains a valid Purchase Order Number which has been approved for payment. (If you do not have a valid Purchase Order Number, please contact the person who ordered the goods/services as they will be able to provide you with this.)
  • Includes the invoice date
  • Indicates clearly if the invoice is for Haringey Council and shows our full billing address
  • Contains an Invoice Number, VAT (where applicable) and your Company address and Registration number
  • Is an invoice (We will not pay Proforma Invoices, Account Statements or Remittance Advice Notes)
  • Must be in an electronic (PDF) format

If your invoice does not comply with the above it may cause a delay in processing.

Payment methods by (BACS or cheque) will not be affected.

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Prompt payment directive

Requirements for council suppliers

The Public Contracts Regulation 2015 came into effect from 26 February 2015 and requires prompt payment and increased transparency regarding payment to prime contractors and in-turn their sub-contractors.
The prompt payment guidance (PDF, 13KB) is intended for suppliers of goods, works and services to the council to enable them to implement monitoring and performance reporting requirements resulting from the Public Contracts Regulation.

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Payment Performance

Under Regulation 113 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, the council is required to publish performance data on payment of valid and undisputed invoices.

Financial YearPercentage of invoices paid within 30 daysInterest (£'s) actually paid to suppliersInterest (£'s) * potentially liable to pay

*Please note: for the purpose of this exercise we are unable to differentiate invoices that may been in dispute.

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May 15, 2023