Pavement licence

Important update: pavement licences extended until 30 September 2023

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What are pavement licences?

The pavement licence was introduced by the government as an opportunity for the hospitality sector to recover from the impact of Covid measures.

It allows you to place tables and chairs on the pavement outside your premises.


  • helps with social distancing measures
  • enhances the look and feel of the environment in a safe and managed process

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Eligible businesses are: 

  • bars 
  • cafés 
  • pubs
  • restaurants 
  • snack bars 
  • ice cream parlours 
  • entertainment venues which sell food and drink 

For more information see the government guidance on pavement licence (external link).

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Who can apply

Both individuals and companies can apply for pavement licences 

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Furniture which can be used includes: 

  • counters or stalls for selling or serving food or drink
  • tables, counters or shelves on which food or drink can be placed
  • chairs, benches or other forms of seating
  • umbrellas, barriers, heaters and other items used in connection with the consuming of food or drink outdoors

This furniture must be removable and easily stored away in the evening.

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If your business already has a valid tables and chairs licence you do not need to apply. But if you wish to discuss your existing permission please contact us

If you want to offer smoking in the outside area, you must apply for a tables and chairs licence.

What you need to provide

You will need to supply the following:

  • a drawing showing the area that will be used for furniture, including:
    • the position in relation to your premises
    • the position in relation to any other premises
    • where the furniture will be placed within that area
  • photos/brochures showing the proposed type of furniture
  • a copy of your third-party liability insurance cover of at least £5 million
  • a copy of your waste contract



Application form

Please complete the online application form.

Premises notice

There is a 7 day consultation period during which you must complete and clearly display a public notice in the window of your premises. This must stay up for the full 7 days.

You can download a template for this:

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After applying

Consultation period

There is a 7-day consultation period (excluding public holidays).

    Granting the licence

    After the consultation period, we have a further 7 days to make a decision.

    If we approve your application, you will be issued with:

    • a licence
    • conditions of your licence
    • any specific conditions relating to your application

    If you have not heard back from us at the end of 14 days, beginning the day after submitting your application, you can assume your licence is granted.

    However, your licence can be removed if you do not meet the licence conditions

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    Licence length 

    The pavement licence is a temporary measure to support businesses throughout these difficult times.

    Initially, the pavement licence provision was due to end at the end of September 2022.

    On 22 July 2022, the government announced an extension to the provision of these licences until 30 September 2023.

    Important: For existing pavement licence holders there is no automatic right of continuation. Existing licenses expire on 30 September 2022.

    If businesses wish to continue using the pavement a new application must be submitted.

    Read more: Guidance on pavement licences (outdoor seating) - GOV.UK (external link)

    We will seek to approve all licences, where possible, to remain in force until 30 September 2023. If there are good reasons to do so, we may grant a licence for a shorter period.

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    Alcohol licence

    If you have a licence to serve alcohol on the premises, you will be allowed to sell alcohol off the premises. You do not need to apply for a variation of your licence. This is a temporary amendment to the Licensing Act 2003.

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    Licence conditions

    Clear access routes

    There must be clear access routes for pedestrians.

    This means you must:

    • make sure at least 1.8 metres width of the pavement is clear for pedestrian flow
    • pay particular attention and consideration to people with disabilities and sight impairments, making sure the pavement is unobstructed by items you place on it

    Standard conditions

    Standard conditions include:

    • maximum number of chairs and tables
    • type of furniture
    • standard hours of operation
    • time furniture must be removed
    • maintaining public liability insurance
    • use of plastic/polycarbonate drinking vessels
    • no drinking while standing up
    • barriers/separation from the footway
    • avoidance of noise/nuisance
    • no open flames/fires
    • no shisha activity
    • no smoking

    Download the full list of Haringey Standard Conditions (PDF, 61KB).

    We reserve the right to add other specific conditions on a case-by-case basis.

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     Commenting on applications 

    If you have any objections or comments to make about an application, please email us at

    You must submit your comments within the 7-day consultation period.

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    Having a pavement licence only allows you to place furniture on the pavement.

    You must make sure you have in place, and follow, all other relevant regulations such as:

    • public liability
    • health and safety at work
    • food hygiene and safety
    • alcohol and entertainment licensing
    • social distancing controls

    If any licence conditions are not followed, we will issue a notice requiring you to follow conditions. If we must take further action, you may be liable for the costs of doing this.

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    Removing your licence

    We can remove your licence where:

    • you do not follow a condition (whether or not we have sent you a notice asking you to follow the condition)
    • there are risks to public health or safety – for example by encouraging users not to follow government guidance on social distancing by placing tables and chairs too close together
    • the pavement is being obstructed (other than by anything permitted by the licence)
    • there is anti-social behaviour or public nuisance – for example, an increased amount of late-night noise and litter not being cleaned up
    • it comes to light that you gave false or misleading information in your application – for example, you operate a stall selling hot food but had applied for tables and chairs on which drinks could be consumed
    • you did not display a licence application notice on your premises for 7 days
    • any part of the pavement area which your licence relates to becomes unsuitable – for example the licensed area (or road adjacent) is no longer to be pedestrianised

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    February 16, 2023