The availability of grants generally varies due to the time windows in which most grant programmes operate. The below list provides an outline of organisations providing grants as well as useful tools to allow you to search the current grants marketplace.

Innovate UK - support for innovative businesses

Innovate UKInnovate UK is a government funded service, providing support and funding to help innovative businesses achieve sustainable economic growth.

Innovate UK helps businesses grow through the development and commercialisation of new products, processes, and services, supported by an outstanding innovation ecosystem that is agile, inclusive, and easy to navigate.

For more information, visit the Innovate UK website (external link)

Finance Search Tools

My Business Support Tool – provided by Government backed ‘Great Business’ website:

The search tool below is provided by non-Governmental partners meaning users may be required to either register or subscribe in order to access results. Please use at your own discretion.

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March 6, 2023