Sustainability and environment: a guide for businesses

How to make your business more sustainable

Better environmental management can cut costs, attract new customers and improve staff productivity.

The things that are good for the environment, such as reducing carbon emissions, increasing recycling and using less of the Earth's natural resources, are good for your business too.

Everyone has a part to play in protecting the environment - especially businesses. We would like to help businesses become fully aware of the laws created to protect the environment, their responsibilities as businesses and the services we provide.

Read the fact sheets below for information on making your business more sustainable including environmental legislation, cost-saving, where to access free support and resources to help your business go green.

Save Energy

Simple low cost measures can reduce fuel bills by as much as 20 percent - Carbon Trust

Reducing energy use is one of the easiest ways to cut carbon emissions from your business and save money. Download the Energy Factsheet (PDF, 190KB) to reduce your business' energy bill, claim tax relief on purchases of energy efficient equipment and more.

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Write An Environmental Policy

An environmental policy shows that your business is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. It can help your business to gain more custom, and is often a requirement when tendering for contracts to supply goods and services.

Download the Environmental Policy Factsheet (PDF, 155KB) below to find out:

  • how to write an environmental policy
  • where to find examples of environmental policies
  • the council's environmental requirements if you wish to tender for a contract to supply goods or services to the council

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Recycling and Waste

Businesses of all sizes can save as much as 4 percent of their turnover through low-cost or no-cost measures to reduce waste - Envirowise

Businesses have a legal responsibility to dispose of waste safely and within the law. Download the  Waste Duty of Care Factsheet (PDF, 147KB) to read about:

  • your business' legal responsibilities with regard to waste including duty of care regulations and pre-treatment regulations
  • how recycling can lower the cost of your waste collection and which materials your business can recycle

To find out more about cost saving through waste reduction download the  Waste Less - Save More: A guide for North London businesses (PDF, 2MB)

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Hazardous Waste

Business must ensure that their hazardous waste is disposed of correctly. Common items are classed as hazardous waste including:

  • fluorescent lights
  • TVs, fridges, computer equipment
  • paints
  • batteries including mobile phone and car batteries
  • cleaning materials, explosive, toxic or flammable substances.

See the North London Waste Authority website - recycling electrical items (external link) to read about your responsibilities and for information on how to dispose of the hazardous waste your business produces.

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Save Water

Businesses can save over 30 percent of their water costs through simple, inexpensive measures to reduce water use - Envirowise

Download the Water Factsheet (PDF, 152KB) to find out how to:

  • reduce your company’s water and energy bills
  • order free water-saving devices
  • claim tax relief on purchases of water-efficient products

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Eco Buying

Switching to more environmentally friendly products can benefit both the environment and your business.

Download the Responsible Purchasing Fact-sheet (PDF, 183KB) for:

  • guidance on choosing sustainable products
  • how sustainable procurement can cut your purchase costs and lower waste disposal costs.

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Page last updated:

May 25, 2023