Business Rate Refunds

Apply for a refund

If your business rate account statement shows a credit:

  • The credit will be used to reduce outstanding debt on any other business rates account(s) you have
  • If you do not have any outstanding debt you can ask for a refund of the credit using our online form

How refunds are paid

Refunds are paid directly to your bank account as this is quicker and more secure so you need to give us your account number, sort code and the account holder's name. We do not issue refunds by cheque.

Rating Agents

If you are a rating agent acting on behalf of the business you need to give us a Letter of Authority from the ratepayer.

If a credit is due to a Rateable Value reduction for a previous financial year we will use it to reduce outstanding arrears on the account before issuing a refund.

Apply for a refund

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Page last updated:

March 20, 2023